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What Happens If You Pull Dogs Apart When Mating? (Explained!)

As unsettling as it might look for some dog owners or even breeders, getting stuck is part of the normal mating process in dogs. Perhaps, because they only get into heat about once in 6 months, their reproductive system has evolved to make the most out of any intercourse. But what happens if you pull dogs apart when mating?

Separating dogs during or after mating can lead to penile and vaginal trauma and both dogs will experience severe pain and anxiety. Such unfavorable events can have prolonged negative effects on your dog.

We’ll discuss in more detail why you should not separate dogs in a tie, explore the canine mating process and delve into what to do when your dog is stuck

Understanding Dog’s Mating Process

The canine mating process is often preceded by female flirting occurring when she is in heat. This is displayed by tail flagging which signals that the female is receptive and ready to mate. The female also produces pheromones that attract males. Males often respond by mounting on the female, locating her genital orifice, and releasing sperm.

Dogs often discharge sperm in three fractions, after the initial pre-sperm, dogs are seen locked together often in a butt-to-butt position. This is known as a copulatory tie.

The reason why dogs tie is that an erectile tissue in the male’s penis called bulbus glandis is filled with blood and swells, while the vaginal muscles contract pressing hard on the penis. Dogs often stay in the locking position for 5 to 40 minutes.

The second fraction of discharge which is rich in sperm is discharged immediately after the tie and the last fraction which consists of clear prostatic fluid is released almost before the end of the tie.

What Happens If You Pull Dogs Apart When Mating

Forcefully pulling dogs apart when mating to break the copulatory tie is dangerous and utterly discouraged. It can cause serious injuries and pain to the canines involved. Leaving your dog alone or comforting them to reduce anxiety and stress is all that is required.

If you separate dogs during their mating process not only will they be hurt, but the female will have less probability of getting pregnant because the coitus was not completed. The sperm-rich discharge may end up being spilled out.

Also, whenever a dog has negative experiences associated with an event, he tends to shy away from similar experiences in the future, and in the case where the dog was previously hurt during mating as a result of separation, the dog may refuse to mount or be mounted on the next time they are presented with the opportunity.

Dogs do not get hurt whatsoever when they are locked together during mating even though, they may feel uncomfortable and at times, yelp, whine or growl while mating. Hence, separating them can cause worse pain.

As dogs gain experience, they become less anxious during mating and tend to handle the situation better.

What To Do When Your Dogs Are Stuck

If your dogs are locked together after mating, here are simple steps to make sure the mating is successful and your dogs are left unharmed.

1. Leave Them Alone

Dogs have mated for centuries in the wild and naturally untie themselves without any external intervention. You just have to realize that a tie is a normal part of the canine mating process and that there is not much you can do to stop it.

Trying to physically separate your dog can cause trauma to the phallus and vaginal wall of the dogs involved. Dogs naturally unstick themselves when intercourse is completed. The copulatory tie usually lasts for an average of 30 minutes but it could be more or less.

2. Soothe Their Anxiety

When dogs are agitated, anxious, and restless, they tend to tie for a longer period. Hence, soothing your dog’s nerves and keeping your dog in a quiet and peaceful environment can make the tie faster.

A gentle stroke through the top of your dog’s body to relieve him of the discomfort or find a way to channel their attention to something else. Make to remove everything in the environment that can trigger anxiety.

3. Keep An Eye On Both Dogs

While separating mating dogs is prohibited, you should supervise the process to ensure the mating process goes smoothly.

When your dog is stuck for too long you may need to call your vet for advice and if the situation is even worse you can visit the vet for antihypertensive shots to reduce your dog’s blood pressure and return his body to normal.

Preventing Your Dog From Getting Stuck

There is not much that can be done to prevent your dog from getting stuck apart from preventing the mating process entirely.

You will need to understand your dog’s heat cycle to prevent mating during this period. The beginning of the canine heat cycle features signs like swollen vulva and bloody discharge but when the dog is in heat the bloody disease disappears.

When your dog is in heat, you can isolate them from male dogs, or use diapers to prevent mating. But spaying or neutering is the ultimate solution.

When Dogs Get Stuck Together Is She Pregnant

Getting stuck does not guarantee a 100% chance of pregnancy but it has a greater success rate than slip mating which is basically mating without a tie. There is little to no spillage during the copulatory tie as opposed to slip mating because the penis secures the sperm in the female genital tract making the most out of each intercourse.

The chance of getting pregnant after one mating session is about 40% and most times, 3 mating sessions are enough for dogs to get pregnant. A tie is not a strict requirement for pregnancy and dogs do not always tie though it is highly sought after by breeders.

My Dogs Have Been Stuck Together For Over An Hour

Dogs getting stuck for over an hour is an unusual circumstance since the length of copulatory length is only up to 40 minutes. Do not try to forcefully separate your dog. Even though you suspect that they are in pain or anxiety, separating them will cause greater pain.

The best approach here will be to reach out to your vet for advice and if your dog still does not get unstuck, you may be required to take both dogs to the vet for the administration of drugs like atenolol, hydralazine, or amlodipine to lower their blood pressure.

Can Dogs Get Stuck Together If The Male Is Fixed?

Neutering can reduce dogs’ sexual drive and reduce sexual frustration in dogs but that does not equate to total restraint from sexual activity. It is very uncommon to see neutered dogs get stuck but it is very possible if they decide to mount on their female counterparts.

This is more probable for dogs recently neutered because they still have a high level of testosterone which can responsible for various sexual behaviors like mounting.

Can Two Male Dogs Get Stuck Together?

Although male dogs have a similar reproductive organ as female, they can get stuck but this is rather rare. It happens when a male dog humps another male during play but instead of penetrating as in male-female intercourse, their penises intertwine and this can lead to infection and testicular torsion if not undone.

What To Expect From A Female Dog After Mating

Dogs have 4 phases in their heat cycle namely, the proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus phases. It is during the estrus phase as know as heat, that female dogs can mate and get pregnant. After heat, dogs enter the diestrus phase which lasts for about 60 days in which they are either pregnant or in heat.

You can also look out for signs of pregnancy such as mammary gland enlargement, morning sickness, lethargy, swollen abdomen, and increased appetite.

In the case of false pregnancy, dogs present with similar symptoms so you may need to carry out various procedures to rule out this condition.

To confirm that your dog is pregnant you can palpable your dog’s belly at about the 30th day of pregnancy. You can also take your dog to the vet for an ultrasound at about 28 days of pregnancy. A pregnancy blood test can also be done during this period to confirm the pregnancy.

Pregnancy in dogs lasts for about 60 days after which the dam will go into labor and whelp. A few days before delivery, there is an elevation of prolactin stimulating lactation which is important for the nourishment of the litter.

Final Thoughts: What Happens If You Pull Dogs Apart When Mating

Separating a dog in a tie will not only interfere with the mating process but can cause serious injuries to your dog’s genital organs. A copulatory tie is a natural part of mating and should be desired if your end goal is pregnancy.

If your dog is stuck together for too long, reach out to your vet for medical advice. Remember, a copulatory tie takes up to 40 minutes. Hence, anything beyond that may require the vet’s assistance. But it is important to ensure your dog is calm and relaxed through the process.

Ultimately, it is the little bizarre things canines do that make them most loved by people. You just have to accept that sometimes dogs can be our adorable “weirdos”. So, always take good care of them and shower them with lots of love to get the best out of them.


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