Why Do Fish Eyes Pop Out When They Die? The Typical Causes


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Shedding considered one of your favourite pet fish may be very upsetting, particularly if the reason for demise isn’t apparent. However typically, a fish’s eyes bulge out of its head in demise. So, why is that?

The very first thing to know is that not all fish eyes come out after they die. The truth is, that’s a reasonably uncommon phenomenon that’s linked to a selected illness or state of affairs.

Preserve studying to be taught why some fish’s eyes come out after they die.

What Is Barotrauma?

Deepwater-dwelling fish species affected by a situation known as “barotrauma” typically die with bulging eyes.

Barotrauma is usually seen in fish landed by anglers fishing in deep water and is brought on by speedy modifications in barometric strain. The situation may cause a number of accidents, together with hemorrhaging of the fish’s inside organs, prolapse, torsion, hematomas, lack of imaginative and prescient, and bulging eyes.

Sadly, barotrauma normally causes demise in fish instantly or very quickly after the fish is launched. The truth is, some fish seem utterly unhurt and swim away with no drawback, solely to die later. That’s why many Fish and Wildlife Service authorities prohibit catch-and-release fishing in lakes past a sure depth.


The inner signs of barotrauma will not be seen to anglers. Nevertheless, a number of indicators may be seen clearly by the bare eye, together with:

  • Bulging or coming out eyes
  • Gasoline bubbles beneath the fish’s pores and skin
  • Bleeding from the gills
  • An expanded swim bladder that causes the fish’s abdomen to be pushed proper out of its mouth

Usually, it’s recreation fish equivalent to crappies, large-mouth bass, and walleyes which can be affected by barotrauma.

So, why would an aquarium fish die with its eyes coming out?


The almost certainly reason for fish eyes popping after they die is a situation known as “Popeye.”

Popeye can have an effect on any fish species, from goldfish to bettas, and even animals and folks can undergo from it!

The right scientific identify for the situation is exophthalmia. The situation is brought on by a build-up of strain behind the fish’s eye, inflicting swelling and bulging from the creature’s head.

Popeye illness in fish can have an effect on one or each of the eyes, and though the situation is disagreeable, it’s a lot simpler to stop than to remedy.

What Causes Popeye?

Popeye has just a few causes, making figuring out the rationale on your fish’s situation difficult. Treating the sickness efficiently is tough with out the proper analysis, and getting it fallacious can result in a lifeless fish.

Unilateral Popeye

Popeye can have an effect on one or each of the fish’s eyes. When just one eye is affected by the situation, it’s known as unilateral Popeye.

Unilateral Popeye is normally brought on by trauma or harm to the attention, inflicting a bodily harm that may end up in fish eye infections. For instance, sharp tank ornaments or fights between tank mates are frequent causes of unilateral Popeye.

Bilateral Popeye

Bilateral Popeye is the time period used when each the fish’s eyes are affected; on this case, some form of an infection is often answerable for the attention swelling.

Parasites, micro organism, or fungi may cause inside infections and are normally a part of a variety of signs, relying on the trigger.

Signs of Popeye

Recognizing Popeye is simple because it usually presents a number of telltale signs.

Bulging Eyes

The obvious symptom of fish Popeye is the creature’s eyes bulging out of its head, which is brought on by strain from behind the eyeball.

Cloudy Eye

In fish with Popeye, the eyes additionally normally flip milky or cloudy, sometimes indicating severe injury to the cornea. If the eyes are additionally bloodshot, trauma is commonly the trigger.

White-Ringed Eyes

Early indicators of Popeye are white rings across the fish’s eye or eyes, and you could begin treating the issue instantly.

Different Signs

Different frequent signs of Popeye embody the next:

  • Not consuming
  • Lethargy
  • Hiding from tank mates
  • Resting on the tank backside for lengthy durations with out shifting

In case your fish show any of these indicators, I like to recommend checking your water high quality and parameters to make sure that ammonia and nitrite ranges are zero and nitrates are under 20 ppm.

If a water high quality concern is guilty, carry out partial water modifications and retest the water till the parameters are again at acceptable ranges.

Is Popeye Contagious?

Relying on the trigger, Popeye isn’t normally contagious. Nevertheless, to be on the secure facet, I like to recommend quarantining the affected fish and treating it.

Is Popeye Deadly?

Popeye may be deadly if not handled promptly and appropriately, which is why some individuals suppose that fish eyes all the time come out after they die.

Nevertheless, if the situation is brought on by trauma or harm to 1 eye, it could actually normally be handled efficiently by utilizing broad-spectrum antibiotics and preserving the aquarium setting clear.

Generally, the fish may lose the broken eye, however it could actually normally survive adequately with out it, particularly in a spacious aquarium with just a few peaceable group tank mates.

How Can You Stop Popeye?

why do fish eyes pop out when they die

I imagine that prevention is all the time a lot better than remedy!

So, listed here are just a few easy steps you may take to maintain your fish secure from Popeye.

An infection Prevention

You possibly can hold your tank infection-free by preserving it clear and correctly maintained. If the water is soiled or contaminated with excessive ammonia ranges, your fish will probably be harassed, leaving them weak to parasites and illnesses.

Preserve the tank clear by performing weekly water modifications of round 20%, taking care to deep-clean the substrate with an aquarium vacuum to take away natural waste and leftover meals.

Preserve the filter system by rinsing the media in outdated tank water each couple of weeks and changing outdated filter media periodically per the producer’s instructions.

Overcrowded Tanks

Protecting too many fish in your tank could make it tough to take care of correct water high quality and can overload your filter system.

Overcrowding may also result in aggression between tank mates, probably leading to traumatic eye accidents and Popeye.

Select Decorations Fastidiously

Collisions with sharp decorations may also trigger eye accidents, so select what you place in your tank fastidiously.

I as soon as added a wonderful piece of twisted root to my fish tank, solely to see my fancy goldfish catch and tear its trailing tail fin on the ornament. Evidently, I eliminated the ornament straight away and changed it with one thing safer!

Plastic vegetation are one other probably harmful tank ornament to keep away from. Sharp leaves can simply poke a fish within the eye, inflicting an harm that might trigger Popeye.

Quarantine New Fish

You possibly can hold bacterial infections and parasites out of your essential tank by first inserting any new fish and invertebrates in a separate tank for a few weeks. As soon as you understand the newbies are disease-free, you may introduce them to your essential tank.

Aggressive Tank Mates

Aggression between tank mates is a typical reason for unilateral Popeye illness. So, for those who spot any fish in your tank misbehaving and squabbling, you’ll have to consider carefully about whether or not eradicating them could be the perfect plan of action.

That state of affairs may be prevented by researching your required fish species fastidiously for compatibility earlier than including them to your essential tank and making a group. Belligerence between people normally settles down after just a few days. Nevertheless, if the issue persists, you may want to consider rehoming one of many aggressors for the security of your different livestock.

Use a Internet

Many fish are injured throughout the strategy of netting, which may be mandatory throughout tank strikes and cleansing.

Should you use a internet, select one with a really nice mesh that gained’t injure your fish’s eyes or injury his fins, probably inflicting a secondary an infection that might lead to Popeye.

How To Deal with Popeye

In fact, the profitable therapy of Popeye in aquarium fish is determined by the reason for the issue. Nevertheless, listed here are two therapy strategies which have labored for me prior to now that you just may wish to strive.

Bodily Trauma

Should you suppose your fish’s Popeye has been brought on by bodily trauma or harm, I like to recommend utilizing a salt bathtub to deal with it.

Epsom Salt Therapy

  1. Fill a small bowl with a bit of water out of your aquarium.
  2. Add Epsom salt to the water, following the dosage information on the packet.
  3. Stir the water to dissolve the Epsom salt totally, after which place the injured fish into the bowl.
  4. Go away your fish within the salt bathtub for roughly ten minutes.
  5. Float the container within the fish tank all through the bathtime to take care of the identical water temperature.

A salt bathtub may also help to wash a wounded eye and stop an infection whereas being utterly secure on your fish.

Bacterial An infection

The therapy is completely different for those who suppose {that a} secondary bacterial an infection has triggered Popeye in your fish.

Melafix Therapy Technique

  1. Begin by establishing a quarantine tank and placing the affected fish into it.
  2. When the fish has settled within the quarantine tank, change 50% of the water in the principle show tank to take away the reason for the illness and shield your different fish.
  3. Deal with the contaminated fish with aquarium salt and over-the-counter medicine, equivalent to Melafix.
  4. Carry out a 100% water change within the quarantine tank each few days, remembering to retreat the tank with Melafix and contemporary aquarium salt.
  5. After ten days, stop therapy. Your fish ought to now step by step be recovering and may be returned to your essential tank.

Closing Ideas

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Most fish’s eyes don’t come out after they die. Nevertheless, some deep-water recreation fish can expertise a sometimes deadly situation known as barotrauma when landed by anglers. Amongst different signs, barotrauma may cause the fish’s eyes to come out after they die.

Nevertheless, a illness known as Popeye is the almost certainly reason for a fish’s eyes coming out. Popeye is normally brought on by bodily trauma to 1 or each eyes, however a secondary bacterial an infection may cause it.

Popeye can normally be cured with immediate therapy, relying on the trigger.

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