High 10 Grafted Corals at High Shelf Aquatics | Reef Builders


You may’t point out the most effective coral distributors on this planet with out mentioning High Shelf Aquatics. A significant vacation spot for reefers and reefing vacationers, High Shelf is a Mecca for every little thing coral, and Reef Builders’ YouTube Channel and Reef Remedy host Remy took no persuasion to journey down there and have a look.

On this first, mouth-watering video from there, Remy is taken on a journey from the primary grafted Monti caps, to a few color-grafted Monti setosa, to Cyphastrea and Lithophyllon, earlier than diving head first into grafted Acropora and the well-known and far coveted High Shelf Aquatics Fruity Splice Acropora.

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