My Cat Loves Sleeping on My Face, Is That Regular?


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Some cats like to cuddle and will finally get within the behavior of sleeping on their homeowners’ faces. For probably the most half, you’ll be able to take this habits as a praise, because it’s usually an indication of belief and affection. In any case, cats that really feel unsafe won’t ever attempt to sleep on somebody’s face.

There are a number of explanation why a cat could select to sleep on their proprietor’s face. As cats aren’t in a position to verbally clarify why they do that, we will solely speculate why they interact on this habits.

Causes Why Your Cat Could Sleep on Your Face

Each cat is exclusive, which signifies that they’ll have their very own explanation why they like to sleep on their homeowners’ faces. Listed below are some potential explanation why they do that.

In search of Heat

Cats are warmth seekers and like climates with temperatures round 80°F to 90°F. Since most houses are set to decrease temperatures, your cat could want to snuggle up in blankets or on a heating pad, particularly once they’re napping or sleeping. Your face could act like a scorching water bottle, and your cat could want sleeping on it as a result of it feels heat.

Sleeping in your face could also be strategic as a result of it’s a secure space in your cat. Your cat can heat as much as your physique warmth with out having to fret about getting hit by your limbs.

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Cats which have a robust bond with their homeowners will view them as sources of safety. So, some cats could wish to be as shut as potential to their homeowners. Sleeping is a really weak act for cats as a result of they enter a state once they’re not absolutely conscious of their environment and have slower response occasions.

Selecting to sleep on or close to your face on this context is an indication of belief, and your cat is counting on you to guard them whereas they sleep.

Wanting Consideration

Some cats could present affection or search consideration by sleeping in your face. Cats have very delicate noses and can finally grow to be aware of your scent. Should you give your cat a way of security, your cat could begin sleeping in your face as a result of they wish to odor your scent. Should you sleep with a blanket over you, your face is the one factor that’s uncovered, which might trigger your cat to resort to sleeping on it.

In my private expertise, I seen that my cat often finally ends up doing something to get my consideration. She loves being the focal point and may be very conscious once I’m not listening to her. Typically, once I’m mendacity on the sofa and watching TV, she’ll relaxation her face on my face. It’s onerous to disregard a cat when it’s in your face, and I do know that giving my cat consideration every time she does this has solely bolstered the habits.

Territorial Habits

Cats are territorial animals and are continually marking and reinforcing their territory. They’ll often rub their faces or bodies against something to mark it with their scent and declare the article as their very own. For this reason cats will rub themselves on their homeowners. They’re speaking that you just’re affiliated with them.

Additionally, in cat colonies, cats will rub towards different members of the colonies. This leaves pheromones on all of the cats within the colony and creates a collective group scent. A bunch scent helps keep peace in a colony and determine any strangers. So, your cat could select to sleep in your face as a result of they view you as part of their colony or territory.

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Is It Secure for My Cat to Sleep on My Face?

For probably the most half, it’s fully secure in your cat to sleep in your face. Having your cat sleep in your mattress and close to you’ll be able to strengthen your bond. Your cat may also appreciate the warmth and really feel secure figuring out that you just’re close by.

Since I’ve a reasonably tiny cat, I don’t thoughts when she sleeps on my face. She additionally doesn’t do it fairly often, and I discover that she does it extra throughout the wintertime and after I return residence from a multi-day journey.

There are only a few exceptions the place it could be harmful for both you or your cat. For instance, if you happen to are inclined to toss and switch in your sleep or get up from nightmares, it might not be a good suggestion to have your cat sleep close to you or in your mattress. Sudden actions can startle your cat, and so they might also trigger harm if you happen to by chance hit your cat when you’re sleeping.

In case you have mud allergic reactions or respiratory points, it’s additionally not the most effective concept to have your cat sleep in your face. Your cat’s coat can carry quite a lot of allergens, comparable to dandruff, mud, and grime, and coming involved with them can exacerbate allergy signs. You’re additionally prone to inhale these items together with cat hairs, which might set off respiratory points.

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Learn how to Get Your Cat to Cease Sleeping on Your Face

If sleeping in your face turns into a difficulty, you can train your cat to cease partaking on this habits. Simply understand that it’ll take plenty of time and persistence to discourage your cat from sleeping in your face.

First, it’s necessary to not give your cat consideration once they sleep in your face, particularly in the event that they’re motivated by looking for consideration. You possibly can attempt to slowly flip your physique to the opposite facet to get your cat off your face gently. Be certain to not make any noises or acknowledge your cat if you do that in order that your cat doesn’t discover that they caught your consideration.

It’s also possible to begin to practice your cat to sleep elsewhere. Use treats to encourage your cat to sleep in a desired location, comparable to subsequent to you or on a cat mattress. As you proceed to reward your cat for sleeping in a sure spot, your cat will finally develop a constructive affiliation with the brand new sleeping location and can transition to sleeping there on their very own.


There are numerous explanation why cats will sleep on their homeowners’ faces. They could want attention, be looking for heat, or be making an attempt to mark their territory. For probably the most half, it’s innocent in your cat to sleep in your face. Your cat’s desire for sleeping in your face in the end exhibits that your cat trusts you adequate to sleep this near you.

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