I used to be at my LFS final week and I observed one lonely lil pea puffer.. i like pea puffers and at all times needed some however on the time they solely had the one.. so I took him! Received him some deworming meds and frozen meals (child brine shrimp and blood worms) and received him acclimated into my 20gal tank with shrimps. Now its been one week and hes chunked up a bit and has been via one deworming course of however hes not as fats as I need him to be. He is petrified of the bloodworms (bc he is so little) even when I attempt to discover the smallest ones. He is been residing on the scuds and perhaps child shrimps if he might catch them.. he is a horrible hunter. Whereas he does hunt, I’ve observed he cannot actually catch child shrimps.

I’ve a horrible phobia of 🤫snails… and I really hate even typing out the phrase, however received some small ones to place into my tank only for him. Whereas he does chew at them he hasn’t killed any and now they’re getting large!! (it is terrifying)

I even have a 5 gallon tank stuffed with shrimp and principally moss. Its received far more scuds in there for him to eat.. the water in my 20 and 5 are comparable however my 5gal is extra established.. now wouldn’t it stress him out if I moved him in there for a number of hours to hunt? Then perhaps throw him again into the 20? I simply need my lil man to get greater…

Additionally, I do plan on getting him 2 feminine mates to run round with however lfs continues to be out..

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