How Many Betta Fish Can Reside in a 20-Gallon Tank? A Information


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Retaining and breeding betta fish is an extremely fashionable passion nowadays, so you probably have a spacious 20-gallon tank, you is likely to be questioning what number of of those stunning fish you may maintain.

Can you retain a number of male Siamese preventing fish collectively in a single tank? Do feminine betta fish struggle? And what particular diversifications do you’ll want to make to your tank to accommodate multiple male betta?

Learn this information to learn the way many betta fish can dwell in a 20-gallon tank and extra!

Is a 20-Gallon Tank Massive Sufficient for Betta Fish?

Bettas are typically thought of nano fish and are sometimes stored in small aquariums of round 5 gallons. In reality, I efficiently stored one male betta and some appropriate companions in a 10-gallon tank, and there was loads of house for him.

That stated, wild bettas are likely to undertake a territory of round 3 sq. toes, so should you can present your fish with a bigger tank, that’s even higher, and 20 gallons is just about the proper tank dimension.

Given that the majority species of betta fish develop to solely 2 to 2.5 inches in size, they clearly don’t bodily want an enormous tank.

Nevertheless, these extraordinarily territorial, aggressive fish don’t respect dwelling in cramped quarters with plenty of firm. Of their pure habitat, betta fish are solitary creatures, solely interacting with different bettas when spawning or throughout encounters with rival males. Bearing that in thoughts, you may see {that a} 20-gallon tank gives ample house for betta fish.

How Many Betta Fish Can Reside In a 20-Gallon Aquarium?

A number of crucial elements decide what number of betta fish can dwell in a 20-gallon fish tank, and we’ll focus on them beneath.

Male or Feminine?

The intercourse of your betta fish is essential when figuring out what number of of those attractive fish you may maintain in your 20-gallon betta fish tank.

Each sexes are considerably territorial, though, in my expertise, males are far more aggressive than females in the case of defending their adopted patch. In reality, should you attempt to put multiple male betta in the identical tank, a struggle is just about assured, and these fish will struggle to the loss of life in protection of their territory.

Nevertheless, I’ve stored small teams of as much as 5 feminine betta fish in the identical tank a number of occasions with out incident.

In reality, you shouldn’t maintain two feminine bettas collectively as a result of one will most likely attempt to bully the opposite. Nevertheless, maintaining a bunch of females tends to stop that from occurring.


So, now you could’t safely maintain multiple male betta fish in the identical tank, it doesn’t matter what dimension aquarium you’ve gotten.

Nevertheless, don’t despair! It’s potential to maintain a number of male bettas in a single tank should you use dividers to separate the tank into separate compartments for every fish.

As you’ll know, should you use a mirror to train your betta and encourage him to flare, even the sight of one other betta fish by glass may set off an assault. Due to this fact, you should use opaque dividers extending proper down the tank backside. That manner, the fish can’t see one another and are unable to swim beneath the divider.

The variety of dividers you employ will depend on what number of male Siamese preventing fish you propose to maintain in your 20-gallon tank. Most hobbyists use three dividers to accommodate 4 male betta fish in a 20-gallon aquarium, which is okay, supplied every fish has not less than a 5-gallon enclosure.

Potential Points

Utilizing dividers presents the aquarist with a couple of challenges.

  • Your filtration system should be highly effective sufficient to drag water by every part and proper across the total tank.
  • The dividers should match correctly so the bettas can’t get into one another’s particular person compartments.
  • You should be extraordinarily diligent in the case of maintaining every compartment clear and sustaining constant water parameters all through the entire tank.
  • It may be troublesome to take care of a continuing, secure water temperature in a tank containing dividers. Bettas are weak to temperature shock, which may be deadly, so you should have a heater that’s highly effective sufficient to maintain the water heat sufficient all through the tank.

Nevertheless, if these challenges don’t faze you, maintaining multiple male betta in a 20-gallon tank may very well be an possibility for you.

Tank Upkeep

The extra fish you retain, the extra vital it’s to keep your fish tank clean and well-maintained. That’s as a result of extra fish waste and leftover meals can accumulate rapidly, producing ammonia and different dangerous chemical compounds because it decomposes.

In a busy tank, you’ll want to hold out weekly water changes and carry on prime of filter upkeep. If you happen to maintain live aquatic plants, you should trim overgrowth and lifeless leaves as required.

Aquarium Ornament

Wild betta fish dwell in a heavily-vegetated pure surroundings, so you should attempt to recreate that as a lot as potential in your betta tank. These fish additionally want loads of hiding locations like caves and rocky overhangs that they will declare as territory. In fact, that’s difficult to realize in a tank with dividers.

In a tank containing a betta sorority, you’ve gotten more room and scope for issues like driftwood, pebbles, clean rocks, and loads of vegetation to create a stupendous tank.

Simply keep in mind {that a} adorned aquarium is likely to be an exquisite sight, however the whole lot you place in it takes up precious swimming house on your fish.

How Many Feminine Bettas Can Reside In a 20-Gallon Tank?

how many betta fish in a 20 gallon tank

If you wish to maintain a feminine betta sorority tank, I recommend maintaining between 4 and 5 fish.

Bear in mind to supply the fish with plenty of vegetation and hiding locations the place they will shelter and really feel secure.

Feminine bettas do are likely to squabble amongst themselves sometimes, so giving them someplace to take refuge is important for a harmonious group setup.

Male Betta Fish

You’ll be able to maintain one male betta fish in a 20-gallon tank. This tank dimension offers loads of house for the fish and many enticing decorations, so it’s a win-win.

If you’d like a number of males, you should use dividers, and you can have 4 or 5 fish.

Whether or not you retain one particular person or a number of fish separated by dividers, you should present them with loads of hiding spots, resting locations, and vegetation.

Male bettas wish to construct bubble nests, so floating vegetation are an amazing thought, supplied you permit sufficient house for the fish to entry the water’s floor to breathe.

Can You Preserve Male and Feminine Betta Fish Collectively?

Though it’d seem to be a good suggestion to put one male and one female betta fish together, that’s usually a recipe for catastrophe.

Male bettas may be extraordinarily aggressive towards one solitary feminine, nipping at them or pursuing them across the aquarium.

This stresses each fish, generally resulting in accidents and different well being issues. So, fairly than placing one fish of every intercourse collectively, it’s normally greatest to maintain them aside.

That stated, I stored a sorority of bettas with one male with no issues in any respect. Maybe the fish’s behavior simply depends on the personality of the person male and the dominant feminine.

Keep away from Overstocking the Tank

If you happen to resolve to maintain only one male betta in your 20-gallon tank, you may need to add a couple of suitable tank mates to maintain him firm.

Though male bettas are solitary creatures, these are clever, curious fish, they usually do respect the psychological and bodily stimulation supplied by a couple of peaceable tank mates.

Backside-dwelling fish species could make ideally suited tank mates, together with Corydoras catfish and small plecos, which normally work properly, as do peaceable fish that dwell within the center area of the water column.

Remember that some tetra species, equivalent to Neon tetras, may be nippy and will problem the betta, and huge, aggressive fish may trigger issues by bullying the betta.

Often, bigger shrimp and decorative snails make wonderful tank mates for betta fish, maintaining themselves to themselves and offering a precious cleanup crew service as a bonus.

Remaining Ideas

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Male bettas are extremely aggressive tropical fish that can’t dwell collectively until you employ opaque tank dividers to create separate habitats for them. Nevertheless, you may safely maintain a small betta sorority or a single male betta with a couple of appropriate tank mates.

Do you retain a number of bettas in a single tank with dividers? Inform us how your fishy buddies are doing within the feedback field beneath!

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