I received pea puffers (after in depth analysis) as a result of I had a snail infestation and needed to work on it. Effectively, the infestation is not any extra lol. As a result of now my snails are being eaten by one thing within the authentic tank that wasn’t consuming them earlier than for some motive. (My ideas are both my betta or the Pygmy corydoras.) Both manner, I wish to reside tradition extra meals for the puffs. I hatch child brine shrimp every now and then, and I’ve a small tank arrange for black worms however I can’t get them but as a result of scarcity. I might do scuds, however I’ve shrimp in my pea puffer tank to assist clear up extra meals (puffers ignore them trigger they’re fairly massive, however hopefully they’ll eat the infants). In any case, I simply need one thing straightforward to tradition that doesn’t odor since I’ve every thing in my room. Any concepts?

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