I bought pea puffers initially as a result of I had a bladder/pond snail infestation. I did a variety of analysis earlier than getting my puffers, nevertheless, I severely overestimated the speed the snails might breed at. I tried a small 1 gallon tradition tank however the snails in there died (I’m uncertain if it was as a consequence of ammonia or low oxygen (I’ve since added a bubbler together with the filter) or possibly shock from colder water. My different thought is that the brand new substrate I purchased was leaching one thing dangerous. I made a decision to redo it fully. Took substrate from my betta tank (the place the snails began. And now I’m working the filter and bubbler within the empty tank. That is my plan for black worms as soon as I’m in a position to get them.
Within the meantime although, a few of my snails from my 10 gallon betta tank have mysteriously disappeared from their shells. My betta by no means even checked out them earlier than. The one different addition after the snails had been established had been Pygmy corydoras, so possibly they’re consuming them? Both approach, I wish to know if it could be doable to breed snails within the 1g unheated “tank”. My different choice for the meantime is daphnia (however I don’t have inexperienced water. I’ve spiralina powder. I additionally don’t have house for a number of cultures if it crashes.) any concepts? Suggestions?

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