10 puffs. Rehome or transfer?


10 puffs. Rehome or move?

I’ve 10 cute pea puffers in a 29g closely planted tank. The issue is they’re far more excessive upkeep than I used to be anticipating. Three of the ten solely eat stay meals and are tremendous arduous to maintain! The others will take bloodworms and brine shrimp and they’re chonky however the different three are skinny.

Managing with every day frozen feeding and catching stay meals from my scuds/snail/mosquito larvae pond is attending to be fairly excessive. I’ve tried breeding snails, scuds, and daphnia and didn’t actually have sufficient success to maintain them. The pond scenario is simply working presently on account of mosquito larvae.

I additionally run a betta fish rescue and have 16 tanks moreover the puffer tank, didn’t anticipate them to be so tough to feed and the care is kinda overwhelming me.

I’ve tried to rehome on aquaswap and FB market place however preserve getting ghosted by people who find themselves .

So two questions for y’all.

1) anybody with a big planted tank and and an amazing supply of stay meals wish to undertake my puffs? Native pickup in Atlanta, GA!! $60 for 10.

2) I even have a 125g closely planted South American group tank that I’m detest to mess up the theming of however I’m contemplating including the puffs simply to simplify my aquarium upkeep. I’ve tetras, Corydoras, and Bolivian rams. The smallest tetras are the embers and the most important are sweet canes. The smallest Corys are Pygmy’s and the most important are melanistius. Regardless that it doesn’t go along with the SA theme I even have a complete bunch of crimson cherry shrimp in there too!

I’m hoping the choosy puffs will snack on the infant shrimp and that they are going to go away the opposite dudes alone. Nonetheless I do know they are often territorial. They presently stay with a pair Hillstreams and so they don’t mess with them so I’ve some hope.

So what do you assume? 125g look like an choice or ought to I simply preserve ready for the correct adopter? Thanks to your recommendation 🙂

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