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Does your canine have hair paw pads? If sure, then he is likely to be affected by canine paw hyperkeratosis. Should you look carefully, you’ll see that the “hair” in your furry good friend’s paw pads isn’t truly hair, however dry pores and skin.

Canine paw hyperkeratosis, also called furry canine toes, is a pores and skin situation that typically impacts the paw pads and may trigger discomfort and ache for our furry pals.

Proceed studying under for a deep dive on canine paw hyperkeratosis, what causes it, what its signs are, the best way to deal with it and the best way to forestall it altogether.

What Is Hyperkeratosis?

Hyperkeratosis is a pores and skin situation that causes the pores and skin to change into thick and laborious. It stems from the physique’s overproduction of a protein known as keratin. And each people and canine can endure from it. In canine, it could possibly have an effect on their nostril or paw pads.

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Should you’re unfamiliar with keratin, it’s a protein that makes up hair, nails, horns, hooves and claws. So, when your canine’s physique produces an excessive amount of keratin, it could possibly result in laborious, dry and crusty materials on the canine’s paw and typically, nostril.

Whereas it could possibly develop on canine’ nostril and ears, it may be mostly present in canine’ paw pads. And when it develops, it appears to be like like hair that’s rising out of your canine’s paws, therefore the identify furry canine toes.

Is Paw Hyperkeratosis Painful For Canine?

When it first develops, canine paw hyperkeratosis isn’t painful. But when left untreated, it may be. Hyperkeratosis can progress to a degree the place your canine could also be unable to stroll or stand as a result of ache related to the pores and skin situation.

Moreover, because it progresses, it could possibly deliver discomfort to your canine. So it’s finest to at all times test your canine’s paw for further hardened and dry pores and skin, particularly if it’s a senior canine.

Is Paw Hyperkeratosis Harmful and Life Threatening?

Luckily, canine paw hyperkeratosis is mostly not harmful and life threatening. Nevertheless, in some instances, it could possibly result in infections or different problems if you don’t handle it instantly and correctly.

Canine Paw Hyperkeratosis Causes

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Canine paw hyperkeratosis isn’t contagious, however there are a number of things that may trigger it. And so they’re the next:

1. Genetics

Canine paw hyperkeratosis is a hereditary situation. Which means many canine are genetically extra susceptible to it than others. For instance, Labradors can endure from it due to a genetic defect known as nasal parakeratosis.

2. Age

Opposite to what occur to us human beings, a canine’s pores and skin thickens as they age, particularly on the strain factors like paws. And this causes the formation of calluses that results in canine paw hyperkeratosis.

3. Canine Distemper

One among Canine Distemper’s signs is canine paw hyperkeratosis. This life-threatening illness causes the thickening of the pores and skin on the canine’s foot pads and typically even on the nostril. That’s why canine distemper is typically known as hard pad disease.

It’s necessary to notice that canine which were correctly vaccinated in opposition to Canine Distemper as puppies are much less susceptible to the pores and skin situation.

4. Pemphigus foliaceus

It is a quite common autoimmune illness present in middle-aged to older canine. And it could possibly make approach for the event of canine paw hyperkeratosis.

5. Zinc deficiency

Some canine breeds are susceptible to zinc deficiency as a result of they can’t naturally take up this mineral by means of their meals and different means. In flip, this will result in zinc responsive dermatosis, which then turns to canine paw hyperkeratosis.

6. Leishmaniasi

It is a parasitic illnesses attributable to sandfly bites. And one in all this illness’s indicators is canine paw hyperkeratosis together with muscle ache, joint irritation and swelling of the testicles.

Canine Paw Hyperkeratosis Signs

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Hyperkeratosis in canine, as talked about above, impacts a canine’s paws or nostril. In uncommon instances, it could possibly develop in different physique components just like the elbows or ears. Nevertheless, it’s extra generally present in a canine’s paw pads.

When it first develops, canine paw hyperkeratosis appears to be like like hair that’s rising out of a canine’s paw pads. And because it progresses, the pores and skin will get thicker, more durable and crustier.

Except for the dry, crusty and thick layer of pores and skin, different signs of canine paw hyperkeratosis embrace:

  • Cracks, fissures and bleeding
  • Lack of pores and skin colour within the affected space
  • Frequent licking of paws
  • Limping
  • Decreased bodily exercise
  • Secondary infections

Like another well being downside, it’s necessary to detect canine paw hyperkeratosis as early as potential. It will enable you instantly give your canine the right consideration and care it wants.

So, should you discover any indicators of those signs in your canine, go to your canine’s vet instantly.

Canine Paw Hyperkeratosis Therapy

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Sadly, as soon as your canine will get hyperkeratosis, it’s unlikely to go away. And in the mean time, there isn’t a identified remedy for the situation, solely methods to handle it.

Listed here are just a few choices you may go for to assist handle canine paw hyperkeratosis:

1. Deal with The Underlying Illness

As talked about earlier, canine paw hyperkeratosis is attributable to a lot of different well being points. In case your canine has an underlying subject that’s inflicting the pores and skin situation, the therapy will deal with treating that subject.

So for instance, in case your canine has pemphigus foliaceus, your vet will deal with it with immunosuppressive medicines.

2. Trim The Extra Pores and skin

To make sure that hyperkeratosis doesn’t make your canine uncomfortable, it’s finest to go to your vet to have the surplus pores and skin trimmed. And should you’re assured you are able to do it by yourself at residence, you may ask for the vet to point out you the best way to do it correctly and safely.

Don’t try to do that and not using a vet’s approval and steerage. As a result of should you do, it could possibly do extra hurt than good.

3. Soak Your Canine’s Ft In Epsom Salt

A house treatment you can simply do to assist handle delicate canine paw hyperkeratosis at residence is thru toes soaking.

Soaking your canine’s toes in heat water with Epsom salt for quarter-hour will assist soften the surplus keratin. Moreover, the moisture from the soak gained’t solely soften the cracked pores and skin but additionally relieve the ache attributable to the pores and skin situation.

After the toes soak, be sure that to dry your canine’s paw totally to stop secondary infections.

4. Apply Ointment To Paws

A balm, ointment or butter designed for canine paws is an reasonably priced but efficient approach to handle delicate canine paw hyperkeratosis.

Canine paw balms assist moisturize the surplus dry pores and skin and alleviate your canine’s discomfort whereas strolling or doing any bodily exercise. Moreover, making use of this two to a few occasions a day may help enhance your canine’s paws situation quicker.

5. Seek the advice of Your Veterinarian

In extreme instances, it will be finest to ask your vet for the perfect plan of action. Relying on the severity of the situation, they might prescribe topical or oral medicines, moisturizers and exfoliant for secondary infections.

Canine Paw Hyperkeratosis Prevention

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Because it stands, there isn’t a approach to forestall hereditary hyperkeratosis. Nevertheless, there are just a few methods to stop the non-genetic sort.

Listed here are just a few tricks to reduce the probabilities of the pores and skin situation ever growing in your canine’s paw pads:

  1. Frequently test your canine’s paws. It’s a lot simpler to heal and handle hyperkeratosis should you can detect it throughout its early growth.
  2. Use a moisturizing balm. Despite the fact that your canine’s paw pads aren’t dry and crusty, it’s at all times finest to maintain them moisturized on a regular basis. This manner, they change into much less susceptible to hyperkeratosis.
  3. Clip your canine’s nails. Doing this helps hold your canine’s paw clear and wholesome. Moreover, clipping your canine’s nails ensures that your canine’s nails gained’t scrape the bottom and trigger accidents.
  4. Use canine socks or boots. When occurring a stroll, it’s finest to maintain your canine’s paws clear and away from tough surfaces. The much less irritated your canine’s paw pads are, the higher.
  5. Vaccinate your canine in opposition to Canine Distemper. As talked about above, canine paw hyperkeratosis is likely one of the signs of this life-threatening illness. So, be sure that to vaccinate your dog in opposition to it.


Canine paw hyperkeratosis may not be life-threatening or harmful, however it’s nonetheless a well being situation that ought to be taken critically.

If not managed instantly and correctly, it could possibly trigger main discomfort and ache for canine, particularly the older canine, that may hinder their each day actions. And we hope that this newbie’s information may help you handle this pores and skin situation so your canine can proceed residing an excellent and wholesome life!

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