My Cat Loves Consuming from the Faucet – Is That Regular?


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cat drinking tap water from the faucet

Cats can have interaction in actions that go away us feeling puzzled. Whereas we might imagine that utilizing water bowls is the best method for cats to drink water, cats might imagine in any other case. There are a number of explanation why your cat might choose to drink from the faucet reasonably than from its bowl. It could be as a result of their delicate whiskers don’t like the sensation of touching the water, or they’re simply not used to consuming nonetheless water.

So, it’s fairly regular for cats to choose consuming water from the faucet. We’ll go over some potential explanation why your cat loves consuming from the faucet and the best way to stop your cat from taking part in with water faucets.

Prime 3 Causes Why Cats Drink from the Faucet

There are a number of components to think about with regards to your cat preferring to drink from the faucet. It’s useful to grasp the place this conduct is coming from in order that you know the way to cease or stop your cat from persevering with with it. Listed here are some potential explanation why your cat might select to drink from the faucet.

1. Cats Normally Want Operating Water

First, it’s vital to keep in mind that cats are middle-sighted animals. Which means they’ve glorious imaginative and prescient for issues which are a number of ft away from them. Nevertheless, they’ve problem seeing objects which are nearer to them, and objects which are inside a foot away from them seem blurry. So, it may be troublesome for cats to drink water sitting in a bowl as a result of they’ll’t see it very clearly.

Operating water is less complicated to find and have interaction with as a result of it’s simply heard. A cat’s eyes are additionally specifically designed to detect motion.1 So, it simply could be extra interesting for cats to drink operating water.

tap water running from faucet
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2. Delicate Whiskers

Cats even have extraordinarily delicate whiskers. Their use might be in comparison with how people use their fingertips to the touch and determine objects. So, there’s likelihood that cats don’t like having their whiskers getting moist.

It could even be the case that your cat’s present water bowl is just too small, and your cat’s whiskers are touching the sides. Your cat might not like the feeling of their whiskers brushing the sides of their water bowl and could be searching for different sources of water that don’t really feel as uncomfortable.

3. Makes an attempt to Alleviate Boredom

Your cat might get pleasure from consuming water from the faucet just because they’re curious or bored. Indoor cats, particularly, require loads of train and mentally stimulating actions to forestall boredom. When left unaddressed, boredom typically results in undesirable behaviors, and your cat might resort to participating in damaging behaviors in an effort to alleviate boredom.

cat drinking tap water
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Learn how to Maintain Your Cat Hydrated and Away from the Faucet

In case your cat develops a behavior of persistently consuming from the faucet, you could need to take into account different options to forestall your cat from utilizing the faucet as their major supply of water. It’s useful first to determine the explanation why your cat could also be consuming water from the faucet. In the event you’re having any problem discovering out why your cat is doing this, you may all the time enlist the assistance of a cat behaviorist who can higher provide help to perceive why your cat does the issues it does.

Buy a Wider Water Bowl

Verify to see in case your cat’s water bowl is giant sufficient to suit your cat’s whiskers. You’ll be able to measure a tough estimate of your cat’s whiskers and evaluate them to the dimensions of your bowl. If the bowl is just too small, attempt growing the dimensions to see in case your cat will drink from an even bigger bowl.

Change to a Cat Water Fountain

Since many cats are interested in the sounds and actions of operating water, attempt switching to a cat fountain. Yow will discover every kind of cat fountains at your native pet retailer or by on-line pet provide retailers.

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Relocate Water to a Secure and Quiet House

Generally, cats might not drink water from their bowl as a result of it’s situated in an area the place they really feel unsafe. Your cat’s meals and water station ought to be situated in a quiet and secluded house that has little foot visitors and a low danger of disturbances. Your cat gained’t eat or drink if it doesn’t really feel protected and possibly gained’t drink water in the event that they really feel like they’ll get interrupted.

Alleviate Your Cat’s Boredom

In the event you suspect that your cat could also be consuming water from the faucet as a result of they’re bored, attempt to search for different possible signs of boredom:

  • Extreme grooming
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiousness or melancholy
  • Lack of curiosity or curiosity
  • Overeating

In the event you sense that your cat’s bored, attempt introducing extra train or enrichment activities to their schedule. New toys and cat furnishings that your cat can climb on are all objects that may assist alleviate boredom. Ensure to put aside time to play together with your cat every single day. This doesn’t simply stop boredom. It additionally strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

It’s also possible to conceal your cat’s meals in other places in the home or put it in a deal with dispenser toy. This can have interaction your cat’s pure looking instincts as they should hunt across the dwelling to search for their meals.


Cats can choose to drink water from the faucet for a number of causes. Whereas this conduct in itself is comparatively innocent, it may well put your cat at higher risk of dehydration. It may additionally trigger a moist mess in your house or make it troublesome so that you can cook dinner or wash the dishes. So, it’s often greatest to find out the explanation your cat is consuming water from the faucet and take a look at totally different methods and ways to discourage this conduct.

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