Are dewormers protected for group


I obtained 6 pea puffers at a time, and 4 of them died in about 3 days, thought they have been hiding, I assume this was most likely brought on by worms or parasites of some type, the two I’ve now have lived most likely round 2/3 months and are doing simply tremendous, obtained round Christmas. I didn’t worm them as I simply assumed they might’ve been already dewormed which was silly on my half, so seeking to improve numbers with out pointless demise. Within the tank there’re plecos, guppies, cherry shrimp and that is going to sound unhealthy however a turtle, it’s pretty previous so is simply too lazy to hunt fish, I’ve solely misplaced 3 fish up to now 4 months( except for puffers) and I consider they have been dying anyway(previous fish). What dewormer can I exploit that gained’t hurt anything within the tank?

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