Can peas dwell on simply frozen meals/bbs for a short while?


I had a snail tank only for feeding my puffers, however after a piece week of seven straight days of twelve hour shifts it crashed. I did not understand it however my daughter was “serving to” me by feeding the snails each day-l’d already put a sluggish feeder in understanding my schedule. For sure, ammonia spike, and so on, and so on, dangerous odor, lifeless snails, breakdown tank, and so on and so on.

I nonetheless have a number of survivors and I am going to begin the tank once more, nevertheless it’ll be some time earlier than they’ve bred sufficient and grown out to begin feeding from that tank once more. My different tanks do not actually have snails someway. Went to my lps they usually do not give out or promote pest snails anymore.

I feed quite a lot of frozen meals and dwell BBS in addition to the snails. Will they be okay till I get extra snails going? Any recommendations to get the snails reproducing quicker? Thanks prematurely

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