False Julii Cory vs Julii Cory – How To Inform Them Aside


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Corydoras catfish are a preferred addition to many tropical freshwater fish tanks. There are over 160 types of Corys to select from, lots of that are straightforward to take care of and beginner-friendly.

The Julii Cory is a reasonably little Cory that almost all pet shops inventory. However beware! False Julii Corys are sometimes offered as Julii Corys. So, how do you inform the distinction, and does it actually matter should you purchased the incorrect fish?

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What Is a Julii Cory?

Julii Cory Catfish

The Julii Cory (Corydoras julii) or Leopard catfish is a nocturnal bottom-dwelling species of catfish that makes use of its delicate barbels to forage for meals across the tank backside. These charming little fish can rotate their eyes, giving the impression that the fish is winking!

These cute little fish may look defenseless, however they’ve armored spikes and scutes that supply them safety towards predators.


Julii Corys are present in Brazil’s decrease Amazon area, primarily the Parnaíba River. Right here, the fish inhabit flooded forest areas, small tributaries, and creeks.

As compared, the False Julii Cory comes from the waterways and small rivers of Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.


Julii Corydoras have a silvery-gray physique with a darkish zigzag stripe operating alongside the fish’s lateral line from its gills to its tail. Above and beneath that could be a plain, unspotted part, and past are areas with a number of darkish spots of assorted sizes.

The spots on the fish’s physique be a part of to type quick traces, though these on the top are distinctly separate, which is a function that units the species aside.

The fish’s dorsal fin is clear apart from a big black patch on the higher space. The tail fin has vertical rows of brown recognizing that appear like stripes. The opposite fins even have these spots, though they’re paler in shade.

Julii Corys have overlapping armored plates referred to as scutes that defend the fish towards pores and skin illnesses and predator assaults.

False Julii Cory Look

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The False Julii Cory (Corydoras trilineatus) is commonly offered in pet shops as Corydoras julii, purely as a result of the False selection is simpler to gather within the wild. Though there’s little distinction between the 2 species, you must know the variations so as to select the right one.

False Julii Corys (Corydoras trilineatus) are sometimes incorrectly offered by fish shops as Corydoras julii. That’s as a result of the False model of those perennially widespread fish is far simpler to gather from the wild, growing the revenue margin of the commerce.

Fortuitously, you may spot a False Julii Cory by evaluating the 2 species.

When instantly in contrast with Corydoras trilineatus, True Julii Corys have:

  • Shorter heads with rounded snouts
  • Smaller our bodies and a stouter construct
  • Small, remoted spots

The False Julii Cory’s spots have a tendency to attach right into a reticulated sample, particularly on the top.


Each Julii Corys and False Julii Corys typically develop to be between 2 and a pair of.5 inches lengthy.


Julii Corys have a life expectancy of 5 years or longer, whereas False Julii Corys can survive for as much as 7 years.

Tank Mates

As with most Corydoras species, you must maintain them in a college of at the very least 4 or 5, ideally extra. In nature, many Cory varieties dwell in teams a number of hundred sturdy, in order that they don’t do nicely when stored in isolation.

Each True and False Julii Corys can dwell with different small catfish and small non-aggressive species corresponding to danios, rasboras, tetras, dwarf cichlids, and different widespread neighborhood fish. Snails and shrimp additionally make appropriate tank mates for Corydoras catfish.

Though each these Corys have bodily traits to defend them towards predators, it’s greatest to keep away from protecting them with any aggressive, massive fish.


Corys of all varieties do greatest in a well-planted tank with loads of pure cowl and hiding locations, driftwood, rocks, and easy stones.

Since each species are primarily bottom-dwelling fish, I like to recommend utilizing a tender sand or a fine-gauge gravel substrate that gained’t injure the fish as they scurry across the tank backside searching for meals scraps.

Minimal Tank Dimension

Julii Corys do nicely in a minimal tank size of 20 gallons. That offers you loads of house to maintain a gaggle of those charming fish and a few appropriate tank mates.

False Julii Corys should even be stored in same-species teams, however a barely smaller tank of 15 gallons is adequate for a gaggle of as much as six people.

Water Parameters

Each these Corydoras are tropical fish needing heat water to outlive and thrive, though they’ll tolerate barely cooler circumstances.

Julii Corydoras do greatest in a water temperature of between 75° and 84° F. False Julii Corys, alternatively, desire circumstances a bit of cooler at 72° to 79° F.

On the subject of pH ranges, Julii Corys desire barely acidic water with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5, whereas False Julii Corys get pleasure from a pH stage of 5.9 and seven.0.

Weight loss program

Within the wild, each these Corys get pleasure from a high-protein food plan of dwell meals, corresponding to insect larvae, small crustaceans, worms, some plant matter, algae, and normal detritus.

You possibly can feed your tank-kept Corys high-quality sinking pellets, wafers, and frozen meaty meals, corresponding to bloodworms, daphnia, and the like.


Each these Corys will breed in an appropriate tank atmosphere, supplied you feed them an accurate food plan and supply clear aquarium water. My False Julii Corys spawned frequently, depositing clumps of sticky eggs on plant leaves and the aquarium glass.

Nevertheless, you’ll must take away the father or mother fish earlier than they’ve an opportunity to eat the eggs and fry, and it’s greatest to make use of a spawning tank if you wish to begin a breeding undertaking.

Well being and Illness

Corys are notoriously hardy fish which are extraordinarily resilient and tolerant of newbie errors. I had a gaggle of 5 Julii Corys that survived fairly fortunately for six years by means of two home strikes and a tank change!

That stated, these fish could be susceptible to dangerous water high quality and the same old widespread fish illnesses encountered by aquarists, together with Ich, flukes, and bacterial infections.

Nevertheless, protecting your fish tank clear and well-maintained and isolating new fish in a quarantine tank earlier than including them to your major aquarium can maintain illness at bay.


When looking for Julii Corydoras, keep in mind that these fish are sometimes mislabeled, and also you may really be shopping for Corydoras trilineatus.

Most fish shops provide Julii Corys and False Julii Corys on the market for just a few {dollars} per fish, however buying a gaggle of 5 – 6 fish usually works out cheaper. That method is sensible since each species must dwell in teams.

Ultimate Ideas

I hope you loved our information explaining the variations and similarities between Julii Corys and False Julii Corys. In case you did, please share the article with different Corydoras followers!

These two species are peaceable, education fish that do nicely in a neighborhood tank with different non-aggressive sorts. Like all Corys, Julii and False Julii varieties are bottom-dwellers that assist maintain your tank tidy by consuming leftover meals scraps from the substrate.

Bear in mind when looking for these beginner-friendly fish that the Julii Cory is commonly mislabeled, and you would carry dwelling a bunch of False Julii Corys as a substitute!

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