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Large Danios make an important addition to a freshwater group tank. These giant, energetic education fish want a giant tank to accommodate them however make glorious companions for peaceable cichlids and different extra sizeable species.

Learn this information to study extra about selecting, caring for, and breeding these wonderful fish!

Large Danio – At a Look

Large Danio Information  
Scientific Title: Devario aequipinnatus
Widespread Title Large Danio, Golden Large Danio
Household Cyprinidae
Origins India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar
Food plan Omnivore
Care Degree Simple
Exercise Lively, education fish
Lifespan 5 years
Temperament Peaceable
Minimal Tank Dimension 30 gallons
Temperature Vary 72° to 75° F
Water Hardness As much as 20 dGH
pH Vary 6.8 to 7.5
Filtration/Circulation Charge Nicely-oxygenated, reasonable movement
Water sort Freshwater
Breeding Egg-scatterer
OK for Planted Tanks Sure


Large danios come from the fast-flowing mountain streams of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Northern Thailand.

Round 85 p.c of fish seen within the commerce are wild-caught. Nonetheless, the wild inhabitants of Large Danios is steady, and it doesn’t seem on the IUCN Crimson Checklist as being threatened now.

Curiously, the fish’s genus has modified in recent times, and it’s widespread to see the species referred to in literature merely as Danio. Malabar Danio (Devario malabaricus) was as soon as regarded as the identical species, nevertheless it’s since been reclassified as a intently associated however separate species.

Pure Habitat

Large Danios reside within the pristine, clear water of free-flowing mountain streams or in nonetheless ponds in the course of the dry season.


The Large danio has a deep physique that reaches 4 to 5 inches in size in captivity and might develop even bigger within the wild surroundings.

The fish is iridescent gold with sensible metal blue stripes and spots that run horizontally from the gills to the tail. The fish’s fins are spherical in form and pale gold coloured, and the caudal fin is forked.

Yow will discover a number of coloration variations of the Large danio, in addition to an albino.

Male or Feminine?

Feminine Large danios are typically rounder and fuller in form than males that are extra slender than their feminine counterparts.

The stripe sample on feminine Large danios bends upward from the bottom of the caudal fin, whereas in males, the stripe is straight and extends proper by means of the tail.

Large Danio Dimension

Large danios usually develop to between 4 and 5 inches lengthy when tank-kept, though the fish can get bigger than that within the wild.


These fish are comparatively long-lived, typically surviving for over 5 years.

Are Large Danios Troublesome To Hold?

Large danios are comparatively easy to maintain and might be appropriate for newbies if stored in a big sufficient, well-maintained tank.

Compatibility and Tankmates

Large danios are peaceable fish that do very nicely in a group of fish of an analogous dimension and temperament.

Because the danios have a tendency to hold across the center to higher areas of the water column, bottom-dwelling fish are typically protected to maintain with Large danios supplied they don’t seem to be sufficiently small to be thought to be a meals supply. Non-aggressive cichlids could make good tank mates for Large danios.

Are Large Danios Education Fish?

It’s essential to hold Large danios in colleges of not less than six, ideally extra. When you hold small numbers of the fish, aggressive habits towards tank mates and conspecifics may result.

Tank Mates To Keep away from

Mainly, you need to keep away from protecting small fish that might be swallowed by the Large danios.

As well as, gradual swimmers, together with betta fish and angelfish, don’t make mixture with Large danios. The much less speedy fish can simply turn into burdened by their sooner tank mates, leading to a compromised immune system and illness outbreaks.

Large danios are opportunists, making a meal out of something sufficiently small to suit into their mouths. So, small shrimp don’t make good tank mates for these lovely fish.


These fish are easy to cater to, accepting a food plan of fish flakes, frozen and freeze-dried meaty meals, and reside meals if you could find a dependable provider.

You’ll carry out the most effective colours of your fish in the event you supply them bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and the like. Watch out in the event you determine to supply your fish a reside food plan, as reside meals typically include parasites and micro organism, which you don’t need in your aquarium. We suggest utilizing frozen meaty protein as a substitute of reside meals, because it’s safer.

How Usually Ought to You Feed Large Danios?

You need to feed Large danios twice a day, as soon as within the morning and once more earlier than lights out within the night. Supply the fish solely what they are going to clear in a couple of minutes to forestall overfeeding.

Overfeeding your fish results in accumulations of uneaten meals within the substrate and across the tank backside. That meals progressively decomposes, polluting the water and rising the bioload in your organic filter.

So, take the time to take away any leftovers with an aquarium vacuum cleaner, and reduce down the amount of meals you give your fish. That’ll prevent cash too!

giant danio

Tank Necessities

Tank Dimension

Large danios are giant fish, and also you’ll want a tank that gives your faculty of fish with loads of swimming area. The minimal tank dimension you’ll want is 30 gallons, though a bigger setup is healthier.

These fish can generally tend to leap when alarmed, so it’s a good suggestion to decide on a tank with a canopy slide or lid to forestall unintended escapes.

These are energetic fish that love to highschool collectively round their habitat, so we suggest utilizing an extended aquarium reasonably than a tall one.

Tank Ornament

We predict a pure surroundings exhibits off these spectacular fish at their finest.

To benefit from the Large danios’ pure habits, put most of your vegetation and decorations across the perimeter of the tank in order that there’s area for the fish to highschool.


Large danios don’t have any particular necessities relating to a substrate, so any type of sand, gravel, or aquarium soil is okay.


Pure decorations can actually carry out the danios’ magnificence, so select driftwood, twisted roots, easy stones, Dragon rocks, and the like.


Dwelling aquatic vegetation are extremely helpful for the aquarium, sucking up nitrates and CO2 from the water and serving to to maintain the water protected for the fish.

Dense vegetation seems attractive within the tank and will help to emphasise your hardscape to the most effective impact.

Habitat Necessities


Large danios are giant fish that generate a good quantity of waste, however the water of their pure surroundings is pristine.

So, you’ll want to decide on a strong filter system that generates a reasonable present to maintain the water circulating all through the tank. You should use air stones to enhance the degrees of dissolved oxygen within the water for these fish.

Water Parameters

Water Temperature

The popular temperature for these tropical fish is 72° to 75° F.

Water Hardness and pH Vary

The water pH ought to be on the acidic facet, ideally 7.0 or under, with a water hardness of as much as 20 dGH.


Large danios haven’t any particular lighting necessities apart from an everyday day/evening cycle. So, in the event you present your vegetation with eight to 10 hours of sunshine each day, that’s wonderful for the fish.

Tank Upkeep

To maintain the water within the tank clear and hygienic for the fish, you’ll want to hold out common upkeep.

Each week, change 25% of the water, vacuum the substrate to take away natural waste, and rinse the filter media in previous tank water to take away sludge. Change the filter media consistent with the producer’s instructions, normally as soon as a month or so.

I like to make use of an algae magnet to maintain the viewing panes clear in order that I can get pleasure from my fish. That stated, I attempt to depart a small space that’s out of sight for the fish to graze on.

Well being and Illness

Large danios are hardy fish that may thrive within the aquarium when given the correct situations and a high-quality food plan.

Indicators of Good Well being

Large danios are energetic education fish that swim within the center to higher areas of the water column.

In case your fish turn into torpid, cease shoaling with their companions, and cease consuming, that would point out well being issues.

Widespread Well being Points and Remedy

Well being Difficulty Signs or Causes Advised Motion
Ich (White Spot Illness) Fish with Ich flick or flash towards strong surfaces inside the tank, together with the substrate. Because the Ich parasite’s lifecycle progresses, contaminated fish develop a rash of tiny white spots throughout the fins, physique, and gills. Deal with your entire tank with over-the-counter Ich remedy.
Flukes There are numerous species of “flukes” that assault aquarium fish. Flukes can typically be seen with the bare eye, protruding from the fish’s physique or gills Deal with the tank with an antiparasitic remedy.
Fungal Infections White, fluffy growths, particularly on the mouth, head, physique, and gills Quarantine fish and deal with the tank with antifungal drugs.
Bacterial Infections Sores, crimson patches, torn, bloody fins, and crimson areas on the physique Deal with the water with antibacterial remedy.

Breeding Large Danios

When you fancy breeding this species of danio at house, that’s a comparatively easy undertaking to undertake because the fish usually spawn readily, and the fry is straightforward to boost.

Use a roomy tank that enjoys some pure daylight to set off spawning. The water should be heat and barely acidic, ideally between 77° to 82° F, with a pH of seven.0 or under.

Enhance the tank with loads of fine-leafed vegetation or a spawning mop, and supply your breeding fish reside meals, comparable to bloodworms and brine shrimp, for the few weeks earlier than you try and breed them.

Elevating the Fry

The feminine Large danio fish will lay round 20 eggs in every clutch, scattering the eggs on vegetation or the spawning mop. Throughout every spawn, as many as 300 eggs can be deposited.

You’ll must take away the grownup fish as soon as the eggs are laid to forestall the dad and mom from consuming them and the fry.

The fry seems inside 24 to 36 hours and is free-swimming inside round 48 hours. You possibly can feed the fry business barbeque meals or child brine shrimp till they’re giant sufficient to take finely crushed grownup meals.


Large danios are available from good pet shops and on-line suppliers. Since a lot of the specimens bought are wild-caught, particular person fish promote for a comparatively excessive value of between $10 and $20 every.

Ultimate Ideas

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Large danios are peaceable education fish that may reside in a group of bigger, non-aggressive fishes in a spacious aquarium. These lovely fish are suitable for the beginner aquarist, supplied you retain on high of tank upkeep and feed the fish a high-quality, applicable food plan.

You possibly can breed these fish fairly simply in a separate breeding tank in the event you fancy enterprise a enjoyable undertaking.

Do you’ve gotten Large danios in your assortment? Why not inform us about your fish within the feedback field under?

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