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A working theme that may regularly be heard in our interest is that all the things is so costly. From gear to livestock, it’s not low-cost! To some extent, that assertion is true. Nevertheless, the identical may very well be stated for any interest. Entry-level merchandise are typically extra reasonably priced than these discovered in additional superior techniques.  

Not too long ago, I made a decision to partake in slightly problem: The $100 Coral Problem. What number of coral fragments may I buy with a $100 invoice? Wouldn’t it be 1 Torch or Zoanthid with a cool identify? Or, may I unfold it out and purchase 5-8 “bread and butter” corals?  

Going into this swap, my objective was to buy leathers, Gorgonians, and oddball corals for a brand new construct. Because it seems, these corals are few and much between at frag swaps nowadays. I did see a good quantity of toadstools, however nothing of curiosity. Distributors rely closely on the colourful, fluorescing corals to attract hobbyists in. Don’t get me mistaken, seeing a tank stuffed with colourful Euphyllia and Gorgonians waving within the move is mesmerizing, however that vibrance additionally comes at a premium. 

Every time I arrive at a swap, I at all times prefer to acclimate myself with a fast lap. Hardly ever do I buy something till I’ve seen most of what’s being supplied. The price of a coral can differ considerably from vendor to vendor. For example, I bought one head of Duncan for $10 but additionally noticed that very same green-bodied pressure for $20 and $25 a head at different tables.  

After my lap, I went again round and made some alternatives: a chunky “potato chip” Pavona, inexperienced Lithopyllon, branching Cyphastrea, Pocillopora, and a Duncanopsammia.  

I walked as much as a vendor with my final $10 and requested, “What do you will have for $10?” This was instantly met with, “Ah man, you’re killin’ me!” We settled on a very nice $20 Montipora frag that I ended up paying – you guessed it – $10 for.  Be trustworthy. You by no means know what offers a vendor is prepared to make.  

All in all, I walked out of the swap with 7 frags. My price per frag was about $17, which isn’t dangerous! Remember the fact that a type of was a freebie on the door. This simply goes to point out that you just CAN get a good quantity of coral for $100! 

Take a look at the total video right here: 

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