Assist! My Pea Puffers are performing unusual!


Help! My Pea Puffers are acting strange!

He has been floating close to the highest since I awoke immediately. After I checked them earlier all of them have been floating close to the highest. I’m presently feeding them snails and frozen brine shrimp. I can’t discover reside bloodworms anyplace in any other case I’d have them too. I admit I’m a novice with pea puffers so please be form in your constructive criticism. I maintain the water temp at 80 as thats what I learn they want. I've simply added Fritz PraziCleanse yesterday and adopted the directions on the field. I did simply flip the filter again on once I noticed them like this. All of them have been searching the snails and consuming on a regular basis however nonetheless so skinny! I actually reside these guys so I don't wish to find yourself killing them! I do a water change 1-2 occasions per week as a result of my analysis advised me that they don't do effectively with soiled water so I'm conserving the check strips the place I'm presupposed to. I’ve had them solely 2 weeks now. I’ve had tanks with guppies and rasporas in addition to a beta (that are all very simple fish to care for) and I've all the time needed puffers however I’ll have jumped in too quick! All I can undoubtedly say is that I’ll do no matter it takes to assist these infants!

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