In search of Anecdotal Information to assist/refute Puffer Gender Speculation.


There’s a widespread speculation that Dwarf Puffers expertise environmental intercourse dedication. Definitely different puffers expertise hermaphroditism. No scientific research have been performed to verify whether or not or not the pea puffer follows swimsuit.


Environmental elements like diet, the variety of different fish within the tank, and the forming of social hierarchies will affect how the Puffers mature. Particularly, essentially the most dominant fish within the group will turn into male. As soon as the male begins creating, it secretes hormones within the water that inhibit different Puffers from changing into male. Generally, you may get two males in a bunch, however considered one of them can be a subdominant male. As soon as the Puffers have matured into both males or females, they’ll’t change their intercourse. Some feminine fish may tackle a dominant function for those who take away male Puffers from the tank.

Private Expertise:

My expertise was very a lot consistent with this idea. I’ve saved two puffers as singletons up to now. Each had been bought as clearly juvenile and matured male. I later bought a trio of older puffers. These had been females. Fish retailer talked about that male puffs had been onerous to supply.

So principally; I am involved in whether or not you bought your puffs once they had been juveniles or mature, and what genders they had been.

You already know what they are saying, curiosity killed the cat.

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