Why Ferrets Steal/Stash Issues & What Can You Do About It?


Do you know that ferrets steal issues?

Are you aware why they try this?

Proudly owning a ferret usually leads to lacking on a regular basis issues like socks, keys, even wallets. 99% of the time we are able to blame our little fuzzy pets for that. There’s something about these gadgets laying round which makes them irresistible to ferrets they usually merely should take them. Listed below are solutions to all these questions together with just a few recommendations on deal with a sealing ferret.

Why Do Ferrets Steal?

There’s a couple of cause for ferret stealing, however one factor is definite. Each ferret does it, some extra, some much less. Listed below are among the most typical causes in your ferret to develop “sticky fingers”

It Is Pure Habits

Ferret’s Latin title is Mustela putorius furo which roughly interprets as a pungent thief. That tells us that ferrets are stealing issues because the starting of time, even earlier than that. Stealing, or stashing, is a pure conduct by their wild ancestors.

ferret ancestor european polecatPhotograph Supply: Earlham Institute

As soon as a wild ferret ancestor killed prey and couldn’t eat extra, it hid the remainder of the meals for later. However, he needed to stash it someplace to cover it from different animals. This conduct continues to be imprinted on our pets, regardless that they’re domesticated animals.

Ferrets Stash Meals

It’s exhausting to say that ferrets steal meals as a result of it’s theirs, however I can rephrase this declare and say that they stash meals. This conduct is one other deal with that ferrets carry from their ancestors. In the event you fill your ferret’s bowl with food, he’ll eat till he’s full. Most ferrets don’t overeat themselves. However, what they will do is stash the remainder of the meals someplace in your house or of their cage. Stashing doesn’t imply your ferret is scared he gained’t get one other meal, it’s an intuition.

In case your ferret is a kind of that stash meals, a wise transfer is to offer your ferret a meal inside the cage. In case your ferret begins stashing the remainder of the dinner, he’ll do it underneath the hammock and never underneath the sofa. That is extraordinarily necessary when you feed your ferret with a raw meat diet. You don’t desire a piece of hen gizzard underneath your sofa, don’t you?

Ferrets Are Possessive

Another excuse why a ferret would steal and stash an merchandise is that he doesn’t need to share it with different folks or animals. For instance, in case your ferret has a favourite animal, he’ll most likely attempt to stash it someplace protected. He gained’t play with it, he’ll merely seize it and drag it underneath the sofa, behind the TV stand, or within the kitchen cupboard.

Yoda is like that. Yoda’s favourite toy is a snake teaser from Kong. Now, this toy will not be one thing you’ll be able to play with. The toy belongs between the cage and the sofa, in a protected, tight, and darkish spot. If somebody takes the toy from there, Yoda will seize it and return it to its rightful place. If somebody grabs the toy once more, Yoda will transfer the toy to the second-best hideout – a tunnel under the bar stools.

What Can Ferret Steal?

This query is definitely very exhausting to reply as a result of it principally depends upon a ferret. There are ferrets that can steal all the things they will transfer. There are ferrets that gained’t steal something so it actually depends upon the ferret and his character.

Issues Ferrets Steal

The preferred gadgets for ferrets to steal are socks, tissues, plushies, distant controls, tennis balls, clothespins, hair clippers, wallets, pencils, and so on. There’s actually no rule what’s going to encourage your ferret to begin stealing. However, there are issues it’s important to avoid your ferret it doesn’t matter what.

What ferrets steal

Forbidden Issues For Ferrets

You mustn’t let your ferret steal make-up, lotions, shampoo bottles, chemical substances, or medicines as a result of these issues could make him sick. Most issues from this record are normally within the toilet so if you wish to keep away from any accidents, maintain the lavatory door closed at any time when your ferret is roaming your hose. The toilet is on prime of the rooms it’s important to ferretproof to maintain your ferret wholesome.

ferret forbidden items

One other forbidden class is reserved for sponges, foams, styrofoam, and different delicate supplies your ferret can swallow. If a ferret eats a kind of issues, it may trigger him a blockage, after which he’s in a harmful state of affairs. A blockage is when a overseas physique will get caught in an animal’s digestive system. Ferrets have a really slender digestive system so they’re vulnerable to blockages. If that occurs, you’ll discover that your ferret is torpid, can vomit, and gained’t poop. The most effective factor you are able to do to maintain your ferret alive at that time is to rush up and go to the vet.

Can You Forestall Your Ferret From Stealing?

As you’ll be able to see, this conduct will not be one thing ferrets do as a result of they don’t need you to go to work. They’re doing it on intuition so I wouldn’t forestall them from doing it. What I might do, is enable them to steal and stash solely ferret-safe gadgets, gadgets that gained’t hurt him. Meaning it’s important to discover an alternative choice to each forbidden factor your ferret likes to steal. For instance, in case your ferret loves stealing make-up, give him empty bottles as a substitute of full ones. All the time make certain they’re too large for him to swallow and glue the cap on so he can’t separate the cap from the bottle, or open the lid.

Ferret stashing toys

One other factor you are able to do is use his stashing areas. That manner you’ll be able to management what is occurring in it, take away issues that aren’t toys and maintain your complete state of affairs underneath management. In case your ferret determined that his stashing place is underneath the sofa, you would possibly need to decide a greater stashing location for him. Spending time underneath the sofa will be harmful as a result of you’ll be able to squash him or he can eat sponges from there.

Replace the ferret stashing place

Attempt to shut the sofa beneath and you’ll even attempt to make a protected ferret stashing location. You should use an outdated field and put a few outdated blankets inside. Place the field in a hidden nook of your private home and let your ferret discover it. In the event you did a superb job, your ferret will decide that spot as his subsequent stashing place.


I don’t assume we now have to think about ferret stealing as one thing unhealthy. Ferrets will do it as a result of their instincts inform them to. Meaning it’s important to present them with protected gadgets they will steal and fulfill their instincts. Is your ferret a stealer? What does he steal? Share your expertise within the feedback under and be a part of the Pleasant Ferret Household by subscribing to our publication!

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