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One concept as to how thriller snails received their title is the exceptional price at which they breed. Sooner or later you’ve got simply two snails, and the following you marvel how you’ve got 2 hundred of them!

However if you’d like your thriller snails to efficiently reproduce, you might be involved about their eggs drying out. Since these mysterious mollusks lay their eggs above the water, it’s solely pure to marvel if they may shrivel and die.

The reply is that thriller snail eggs can dry out, however so long as they’re stored in a reasonably humid atmosphere, it’s unlikely. Let’s take a better have a look at the marvels of thriller snail breeding and egg care.

Why Do Thriller Snails Lay Eggs Out of the Water?

Thriller snails lay their eggs out of the water to guard them from potential predators. Since fish, shrimp, and different aquatic animals typically take pleasure in snacking on snail eggs, this species has advanced a outstanding technique to keep away from its eggs being eaten!

In an aquarium, the feminine thriller snail will climb out of the water to put eggs above the water line – sometimes on the aquarium glass. When she’s finished, she is going to decrease herself again into the water.

Why Are My Thriller Snail Eggs So Laborious?

Mystery Snail

Many individuals are stunned by how exhausting their thriller snail eggs are. However the motive that they grow to be so powerful is similar motive that they lay their eggs out of water: to guard them.

Though thriller snail eggs are fairly delicate when they’re first lain, they stiffen up after 24 hours or so. These exhausting eggs are fairly pure and shouldn’t be confused with eggs which can be drying out!

Do I Must Decrease the Water Stage for My Thriller Snail To Lay Eggs?

Some thriller snail breeders deliberately decrease the aquarium water stage in order that their thriller snails can have a couple of inches of house on the glass above the water line to put their eggs. Different instances, a feminine thriller snail will merely retailer her fertilized eggs inside her till the water stage has dropped in order that she will be able to deposit them on the glass.

It’s a good suggestion to decrease the water stage periodically to permit thriller snails to put their eggs on the glass, in any other case, they might be tempted to put them someplace much less appropriate!

Assist! My Thriller Snail Has Laid its Eggs on the Tank Hood / Tank Lid

If there isn’t any house to put eggs on the glass above the water’s floor, a feminine thriller snail might select to put them within the fish tank’s hood or lid. This will likely appear alarming, and you might concern that the eggs might get too scorching close to the sunshine and dry out.

In actuality, wholesome grownup snails normally know what they’re doing and can lay their eggs within the excellent place. However it’s nonetheless useful to know a factor or two about learn how to look after them.

Caring for Thriller Snail Eggs

Feminine thriller snails sometimes lay between 50-200 eggs in a sticky bundle typically known as an ‘egg mass’ and even ‘cocoon’.

If the eggs are laid on the glass above the water and there’s a tight-fitting lid on the tank, the environment ought to be moist and humid sufficient that the eggs will survive and hatch out on their very own.

If the tank’s lid isn’t tight becoming or has large air flow holes in it, there’s an opportunity it could not create a sufficiently humid atmosphere to maintain the eggs moist. Equally, if the eggs are laid within the aquarium hood too near the sunshine, they’re extra prone to get scorching and dry out.

Retaining Thriller Snail Eggs Moist

Whereas thriller snail eggs drying out is comparatively unlikely, you would take some precautions to make it much less prone to occur.

Methodology 1 – Spray the Eggs With a Nice Mist

The primary technique for holding thriller snail eggs moist is to spray them with a positive mist. Use a sprig bottle with a mist setting and fill it with water from the aquarium.

Depart the eggs the place they’re, and spray them no less than a couple of instances a day when the aquarium lights are on to maintain them properly hydrated. Proceed this spraying routine till the eggs are hatched.

Methodology 2 – Take away the Eggs and Place Them in a Breeding Field

When thriller snail homeowners need to make completely positive that their eggs will hatch, they’ll typically transfer them to a moist plastic container floating on high of the aquarium.

Select an open Tupperware container or one thing comparable and place a chunk of aquarium filter foam or a humid paper towel in it. Fill it with tank water till it’s about half full and ensure the sponge or paper towel is totally saturated.

Now fastidiously take away the egg clutches along with your palms or a spoon (don’t fear, the eggs are more durable than they appear!) and place them on high of the moist sponge. Use tape, suction cups, or a cable tie to safe the field right into a nook of the tank in order that it doesn’t float round.

Now that the eggs are in everlasting contact with the moist sponge, they may by no means dry out. When the child snails hatch, they will merely climb out of the field and into the aquarium water.

How Lengthy Does It Take Thriller Snail Eggs To Hatch?

How lengthy it takes for thriller snail eggs to hatch relies upon lots on the water temperature. In case your aquarium heater’s thermostat is about to 73°F, then the environment simply above the tank is prone to share this temperature, and the eggs will take between 15-24 days to hatch. In case you flip your thermostat as much as 78°F, then your eggs will hatch in 9-12 days.

If a thriller snail lays her eggs proper subsequent to the aquarium’s lighting unit, it could be as a result of she’s searching for the warmest place for them to develop rapidly. If they continue to be moist, they may hatch in as little as 8 days.

How Do I Elevate Child Thriller Snails?

Mystery Snail

When a thriller snail egg clutch first hatches, thriller snail infants have tiny shells, solely about 2.5mm throughout. If there are fish that eat snails within the tank, they’re prone to eat lots of the infants, so if you wish to nurture nearly all of them to maturity, you would possibly want to take action in a separate tank. For this, a 5 or 10-gallon heated aquarium with a simple sponge filter can be very best.

Child thriller snails’ solely main requirement is sufficient algae. Research have proven that they’ve higher possibilities of surviving if they’ve sufficient algae to eat fairly than being compelled to eat different meals reminiscent of fish meals.

In case you don’t have sufficient algae rising in your tank, you may complement their eating regimen with algae wafers, reminiscent of these sometimes given to plecos and different algae eaters.

Thriller Snail Eggs FAQs

Assist! My Thriller Snail Has Laid Eggs in My Room!

It occurs! Grownup thriller snails are well-known for escaping the tank, which is one other nice motive to maintain them in a tank with a tight-fitting lid!

Generally, a feminine thriller snail would possibly go away the aquarium searching for the right humid, damp place to put her eggs. It’s unlikely that such a spot exists inside your own home, so the eggs will usually find yourself getting laid someplace like your wall!

On this case, the eggs will certainly want your intervention to save lots of them! I’d suggest scooping them up and inserting them in a floating field as described above.

Can I Submerge Thriller Snail Eggs Underwater?

Completely not! Thriller snails have advanced to put their eggs above water. If the eggs grow to be submerged they may drown and die. In case your thriller snail lays eggs above the water line, you could chorus from filling the fish tank to the highest with the intention to keep away from killing them.

How Quick Do Child Thriller Snails Develop?

Child thriller snails are well-known for rising quick. If they’ve a plentiful provide of algae, they will attain one inch in shell diameter in as little as 8 months.


Whereas thriller snails’ eggs can dry out, it’s a uncommon occasion because the mom snail usually is aware of the right place to put her eggs.

You probably have good motive to be involved about your thriller snail’s eggs drying out, select one of many two strategies prompt above to maintain them moist and wholesome. They need to hatch out between 8 days to 1 month relying in your aquarium temperature.

To be taught extra about caring for thriller snails, don’t miss our devoted information to those fascinating pets here.

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