What are your man’s opinions on 6 gallon tanks and pea puffers?


I’ve heard so, a lot conflicting data on-line that I do not know what to consider.

Some individuals have stated that they saved a big pea shoal and needed to single out and take away one or two as a result of they saved killing one another (no, there was not multiple male of their shoal). Then that aggressive one was tremendous pleased of their 5 gallon.

Then in another boards/articles I hear about individuals having loads of success with peas in shoals and suggest you retain them in shoals and NOT 5 gallons.

After which I learn this text written by some avid pea pufferfish keepers that it will be fantastic to maintain one, alone, in a 5 gallon.

I actually love this species and need to preserve them however all must preserve one in is a closely planted six gallon. So earlier than I find yourself buying one I wish to double-check of it will be OK to maintain one in my tank.

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