Hey y’all, new puffer mother right here. I had a brackish determine 8 puffer for 3 years and by no means had a difficulty. I’ve received 5 peas now in a 29 gallon, newly established tank. I’ve about 20 items of Frogbit, Java fern, 3 potted grasses, and another floating stuff, I am sorry I do not know the identify of it. I am very new to a planted tank. The parameters have been excellent final week, however right now, even after a 25% water change final night time, the nitrite is studying 1.0. I will do one other change tonight after work. I’ve an Aqua clear 50 gallon filter on the tank, was pondering of including one other filter to assist out right now. On a regular basis after feeding I vaccum all of the left over meals. I do know I have to get some sort of backside feeder. Any ideas are really appreciated.

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