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Howdy, Locksley right here once more.

Final week I instructed you issues had been topsy turvy, with Mummy going out early and us having cuddles and cucumber inthe night.

Properly, this week has been completely different once more. Mummy says that there are a number of new routines for us to get used to. But it surely must be the brand new regular.

Provided that she’s been going out actually early, however getting again in regards to the regular cuddle time, it’s not so odd. She says it’s due to chicken surveys. I vaguely keep in mind Biggles saying she hadn’t carried out any chicken surveys till she began them this time final yr, and he or she used to do heaps in Norfolk. However she simply did two final yr. She’s already carried out 4 now, and it’s solely April. And Saturday she received up early to do one, took a have a look at the climate, and went again to mattress. I don’t know why as a result of it turned out very nice and sunny, with a little bit of cloud. She was cross with the weatherman for deceptive her. She did that one on Sunday as a substitute, when it was cloudy however in any other case good. She heard a cuckoo, however not the issues she was surveying for.

So the brand new regular consists of Mummy going out very early, and cuddles at roughly the conventional time (perhaps an hour late).

The opposite new regular is afternoons. Now it’s gentle within the evenings, Mummy says she ought to go exterior and do some gardening between 4 and seven. That’s as a result of the electrical energy is most costly then, so she doesn’t need to use any. And she or he often has cups of tea throughout that point, so she has to do soemthign else and have her tea later. Or earlier.

So long as we get to exit and do gardening too, I’m proud of that, Mummy.

We haven’t gone out on the grass once more, as a result of it’s been moist. However Mummy has introduced us in some most days. She additionally appears to be brining little black bugs known as ticks along with her. She’s determined she’ll must keep away from the overlong grass which is almost certainly the place they’re. Apparently one ran off Victor’s again onto her arm the opposite day. And she or he took a tick from beside my eye yesterday. I used to be very courageous. She additionally appeared up wither the Spot-on drugs would eliminate ticks. It’s for lice and mites and all types of different issues, however not ticks.

However she took some beautiful footage of us with our grass yesterday, utilizing the little digicam. It’s the primary time she’s received a pleasant image of Ludo in his cage with out him operating away. He seems very suspicious, although!

She’s additionally received a brand new thought for her arms. Other than the humorous factor she calls a brace, which wraps round her hand and wrist and retains it straight, she’s given Victor and me the job of opening her containers. This one (prime of the web page) was for us, it had the plastic jars of Professional-fibre in inside. I like Professional-fibre. Mummy hopes it’s going to assist me cease losing a few pounds. Ludo’s misplaced weight too, however she’s happy with that. Ludo’s wanting very good and filled with vitality. I’m filled with vitality too, however lighter.

See you subsequent week


Locklsey xxxx

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