So I’m presently a university scholar and may have a max tank of 10 gallons. Ive been breeding and promoting fish and crops for nearly a decade now at house. I’ve a singular pea puffer within the 10gallon proper now (unwell enhance it to 3 when the store close to me will get them in, then over the summer time im buying and selling them out into an even bigger tank and getting >12, and getting shrimp for the 10g), and am having a tough time getting him to eat. Ive had him for nearly 2 months now and hes doing properly. Positively had parasites so did 2 rounds of therapy and hes gotten extra plump.

I initially was in a position to get him to eat some frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, mytis shrimp, and some extra issues however nothing that he loves.

I did get about 20 rams horn and pond snails in there a few month in the past and have been feeding cucumbers to them so theyre reproducing like loopy within the tank. Theres tons of infants starting from microscopic to grownup dimension throughout.

The crops I received within the tank additionally got here with just a few shrimp and some scuds which are nonetheless zooming round.

Hes getting plump so im assuming hes simply munching on the snails for now. Is there any motive for me to encourage him to eat the rest? Dwell black worms, microworms, and brine shrimp will probably be an possibility in 2 months after I transfer him out.

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