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By Grace Sargent on Nov 1, 2022

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Who does not love a cute, furry, candy creature that adheres to you from time to time? Cats are identified to be loyal animals and categorical care and love for his or her homeowners. Cats are popularly saved as pets because of their calm nature. 

Other than that, additionally they like to play and sleep. So, should you’re a cat father or mother, you in all probability see your feline child enjoying or sleeping on the couch or of their hammock more often than not. Nevertheless, cats may also present completely different traits and behaviors that typically trigger you to query what it means. In actual fact, most cat mother and father would dream of getting a cat decoder to allow them to perceive what their pet is making an attempt to impress. 

For those who’re considering of getting a cat pet quickly or already has one, listed below are the ten issues you must know to decode your cat’s habits.

When They Carry You Toys Or Lifeless Animals

Cats like to hunt. That is certainly one of their innate behaviors. Do cats kill cockroaches, rats, and snakes? Sure, as a result of they think about these as prey, alongside lizards, small rodents, and birds. 

When your cat brings you a toy or a useless animal, such habits signifies:

  • That you just’re thought-about as a member of their pack
  • They wish to guarantee that you’re fed effectively
  • They wish to return the favor for feeding them
  • Supplying you with their prey for storage


Ever surprise why mama cats lick their kittens? Other than grooming them, this additionally signifies exhibiting affection and a particular bond. When your pet cat licks you, this additionally means the identical factor. Your cat needs to create that particular bond with you and categorical affection. 

Cats are additionally identified for his or her high-grooming habits. When a cat licks itself, it solely means it is cleansing itself. Subsequently, you will not have to fret about grooming habits in the identical manner as with canines. 


For those who’re a first-time cat proprietor, you would possibly discover purring to be scary. The sound could typically seem to be your cat is able to assault. Nevertheless, cats purr because of many causes, corresponding to:

  • When they’re relaxed and calm
  • To appease themselves, particularly when wounded or confused
  • To specific that they need one thing
  • Socializing with different cats
  • To sign vibrations to their kittens and information them in direction of their nipple


Individuals who by no means had a pet cat won’t even know that cats can ‘chirp.’ However cat lovers know this too effectively. Other than meowing or purring, cats can typically chirp. You’ll discover this when:

  • They’re able to hunt and are already eyeing prey, particularly when the chirping is accompanied by a twitching tail and dilated pupils.
  • They’re excited to see somebody.

Exposing Their Tummy

When your pet cat all of the sudden lays down and reveals its stomach to you, it signifies belief and luxury. That is an expression that signifies it feels safe and sheltered. Nevertheless, do take be aware that this isn’t a sign that they need tummy rubs. They may even chunk or scratch should you try to take action. So, watch out everytime you try and pet your cat.

 Wagging Their Tail

Canine wag their tail because of pleasure and happiness. However watch out with cats as a result of after they do, it means they’ve recognized a risk. You will know when your cat is already irritated, pissed off, or pissed after they thrash their tails. It means it’s important to allow them to go and cease what you are doing, or else they may pounce on you or chunk you. 


Typically, cats like to sleep. And so they achieve this to preserve power and put together themselves to hunt. Although home cats do not hunt out within the area anymore, they nonetheless take a whole lot of naps as a result of it grew to become part of their pure habits. Hold be aware that cats additionally want to nap in heat areas open air or on heat surfaces like your physique. 

Knocking Stuff Over

Properly, this usually occurs when you’ve a cat at house. As a result of cats are inquisitive creatures, they’d love to the touch and attempt to knock issues over and observe what occurs after they achieve this. This simply signifies that your cat is being curious. Clearly, that is why we’ve the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” 


Cats like to scratch. This consists of scratching your furniture, couch, and rugs. It could possibly be an enormous drawback should you don’t know the best way to pet-proof your property. However such habits is ingrained in a cat’s system and will signify many issues, corresponding to:

  • Sustaining their claws
  • Marking their territorial possession
  • Releasing pent-up power
  • Eager to really feel good


Certainly, cats are probably the most lovable and sought-after pets because of their calm, loving, and unbiased nature. Nevertheless, amidst their good nature, there are some issues that your cat does which may irritate you when you do not know what it means. 

Subsequently, decoding your cat’s habits and understanding why they do what they do would assist construct a greater and deeper relationship together with your furry feline pal. Contemplating the above talked about issues will will let you turn out to be a greater father or mother on your pet cat.

Concerning the Writer:

Grace Sargent is an animal professional identified for her enthusiasm for finding out animal habits and temperaments. She has garnered a number of awards for her current research about cats. She is writing a e-book about pets and can quickly be printed nationwide.

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