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Good day Locksley right here once more.

It’s been a really humorous week. Typically it was chilly and snowy after which yesterday it was virtually sunny. It was virtually like spring out, however there’s a very chilly wind, and we nonetheless have the heating on in our room. It’s been getting gentle very early within the morning and darkish fairly late within the afternoon which is sweet as a result of it signifies that we’re going to be going out on the grass quickly.

I’m undecided how Mummy’s going to deal with placing us outdoors although. She’s having nice issue selecting us up within the mornings for our cuddles.

All of us go into our tunnels to be picked up from our runs. Mummy makes use of each fingers for that, then carries us on one arm. She says it’s all proper with me as a result of I’m fairly gentle 1.2 kg. However Ludo weighs 1.5 kg and that distinction makes it troublesome for her to carry him on her arm. She says each her wrists are very weak however the proper one is worse. We now have to take a seat on her chest along with her hand under us as an alternative of how we usually sit. However we will get used to that. Some extra shortly than others. The opposite factor is she takes a very long time to scrub us out within the morning particularly when she’s altering the beds. However she does it slowly, and we’re simply working round on the ground and having a superb time so it doesn’t actually matter. And all of us come into our tents to be picked up, and that works nice.

The opposite factor I’ve seen is the veggies aren’t sliced neatly like they often are. Cucumber comes a bit extra chunky than ordinary. Carrots are both huge or small bits. And we get a complete celery stick. I believe she has hassle chopping issues up. However they nonetheless style good.

However when spring comes we received’t must have so many veggies anyway, as a result of we’ll be consuming grass. And that’ll assist as she received’t have to hold the haybox to us so typically.

I’m wanting ahead to spring. So long as she will be able to put our run panels out okay. The lined run has been out all winter. Perhaps we’ll must share it? I don’t assume that can work. I get on higher with Victor now, however I can’t see Ludo and Pippin sharing in any respect.

Perhaps Mummy’s fingers might be higher by spring.


Locksley xxxx

PS Ludo broke his tooth once more. Mummy says that very often occurs. It’ll develop once more. Ludo appears happier with out it.

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