What ought to I look out for when adopting?


Q: What ought to I look out for when adopting? 

I’m adopting three sows, who at age three, are in a small cage and solely ever come out when they’re being cleaned. The proprietor advised me they eat store model pellet meals, and have by no means been to the vets! I haven’t seen them but however needed a bit of recommendation on what I needs to be in search of, e.g. claws, enamel, eyes? And, is there the rest I must test? I can’t wait to get them right here, the place they are going to have loads of house within the new cage and a big enclosed run within the backyard.

A: Catherine Alliss

While you first see the guinea pigs, give them a fast test over going from nostril to tail. The issues I’d search for in a wholesome guinea pig are:

 + The nostril needs to be clear and dry, with no discharge.

 + The lips needs to be clear and dry with no scabbing or sores.

 + The entrance enamel needs to be straight and evenly worn, and the mouth ought to have the ability to absolutely shut; the mouth shouldn’t have a foul scent.

 + The chin needs to be clear and dry with no proof of saliva or meals particles.

 + The eyes needs to be vivid and clear, with no discharge

. + The ears needs to be clear and dry, once more with no discharge.

 + The fur ought to look wholesome, with no thinning or balding patches, and may really feel clear and never greasy.

 + There needs to be no lumps or bumps wherever on the physique.

 + The ft shouldn’t be purple or swollen, nails needs to be comparatively quick and clear.

 + The genital space needs to be clear and dry, with no crustiness or discharge.

 + The world across the grease gland shouldn’t have an excessive amount of buildup of grease. 

Upon getting them residence and settled into their new atmosphere, I like to recommend taking them to your vet for a full well being test.

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