Varieties of Koi – Let’s Discover These Fascinating Fish


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The artwork of retaining and breeding koi fish is a century-old custom that has resulted in a number of the most lovely and costly fish within the aquarium interest.

In consequence, there are over 100 different types of koi fish that every have their very own patterns and tales of origination.

Maintain studying to search out out the whole lot it is advisable to know concerning the historical past of koi fish, how one can maintain koi fish, and the kinds of koi that you’re almost definitely to search out accessible at your native fish shops!

The Historical past of Koi Fish

Although Japanese koi fish may look like an historic species, these lovely fish solely began to be developed in the course of the 1800’s. So as to perceive how we ended up with so many variations right this moment, we have to return a number of centuries.

During the Heian period (794-1185) in Japan, it’s identified that the progenitors of koi fish had been already being saved by members of the higher class and nobles; these fish had been really wild carp fish, typically known as Magoi, which had migrated or been launched to Japan from China a couple of hundred years earlier.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t till the 1800’s that mutations began showing in Niigata, Japan. It was throughout this time that Japanese farmers utilizing these fish as a meals supply started to note modifications in shade from cautious cross-breeding.

Ultimately, Japanese farmers started to selectively breed these decorative fish for his or her finest colorations and patterns. These fish became known as Nishikigoi, which may imply affection or love.

It wasn’t till the early 1900’s that the remainder of Japan and the surface world turned conscious of koi fish. World Battle II (1939-1945) threatened the koi trade, and plenty of fish had been misplaced throughout this time.

Now, 200 years later, lots of of types of koi exist. In fact, not all of their origins are identified, however the identical reverence for these lovely fish remains to be upheld for each their magnificence and tradition.

Cultural Significance

Not solely are Japanese koi fish appreciated for his or her enticing options and colours, however they maintain an vital place in tradition and spirituality.

Koi fish and wild carp are current figures in lots of Chinese language and Japanese legends and myths. From these stories, readers and listeners are proven energy, perseverance, and willpower.

In artwork and outline, these traits are additionally represented by the fish’s vibrant colours. For instance, a black koi could be related to masculinity whereas a blue koi may symbolize tranquility. These interpretations change between tradition and media and are often left open to interpretation.

Traditionally, koi fish broadly symbolize prosperity, happiness, and success.

Koi Fish Care

Like goldfish, koi fish are extremely hardy fish that may face up to a variety of temperatures. These decorative fish are thought-about a coldwater species, however this doesn’t essentially imply that they’ll survive in all situations.

Most breeds of koi fish can get develop to 2-3 ft (61.0-91.4 cm) and reside to be 20-50 years outdated so creating an area to your fish to develop and reside for years on finish is crucial.

Koi Fish Tank Necessities

Earlier than we get into water high quality and parameters, we have to perceive the inspiration for a thriving koi fish pond; koi are best kept in ponds and can shortly outgrow indoor residence aquariums.

Most koi fish ponds begin at 1,000 gallons (3785.4 L). These ponds needs to be at the very least 3 ft (91.4 L) deep and 6 ft (182.9 L) lengthy on the very least; needless to say koi fish like to remain in direction of the underside of the pond throughout colder months and want sufficient depth for temperature separation within the water column.

As soon as the foundation has been built, there are numerous methods to design your dream koi pond. There are trendy types, historic types, and pure types. Irrespective of the way you select to embellish your pond although, the water chemistry is similar.

Identical to indoor freshwater tanks, your pond wants to totally cycle and have enough filtration earlier than including fish. Vegetation and air pumps will assist preserve water high quality, nutrient ranges, and hold oxygen ranges the place they need to be.

When planting species in your pond, it’s strongly really helpful to go along with native species as invasive species might reproduce and unfold to close by waterways. Listed below are some vegetation you would add to your outside pond:

  • Duckweed (Lemnoideae)
  • Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum)
  • Frequent cattail (Typha Latifolia)
  • Horsetail Rush (Equisetum hymale)
  • Waterlilies (Nymphaea odorata)
  • Water lotuses (Nelumbo lutea)

In case you reside in a chilly local weather, you’ll need to reasonable the temperature with a pond heater.

Water Temperature

Though koi fish are a coldwater species, they’ve an optimum temperature vary of about 65-80° F (18.3-26.7° C). That being mentioned, they’ll face up to temperatures above and under this.

There’s some dialogue about what temperatures grownup koi can face up to. Some koi fish hobbyists are capable of hold these colourful fish in extraordinarily chilly situations the place there are a number of inches of ice on the highest of the water.

So as to achieve success with this methodology, the fish ought to have sufficient depth to flee the freezing zone of the pond. Through the winter months, your fish will stay on the backside of the tank conserving power.

Basically, it’s finest to maintain koi ponds above 50° F (10.0° C).

At larger temperatures, meals turns into tougher for koi to digest and for helpful micro organism to course of waste. Larger temperatures additionally deplete accessible oxygen inside the water column.

Due to this, it’s endorsed to stop feeding koi as typically as soon as temperatures surpass 87° F (30.6° C).

The Most Frequent Varieties of Koi

Now that your pond is constructed and water situations are optimum, what breeds of koi fish can you retain?

Primarily, you’ll need to determine on a funds and take into account the scale of your pond. Basically, it’s endorsed to maintain one koi per each 250 gallons (946.4 L) of water, although this will change relying on the structure of the pond.

On common, count on to pay wherever from $35-100 {dollars} per koi with extra fashionable koi varieties typically going for 1000’s of {dollars}.

Here’s a record of a number of the most typical varieties and the rarest forms of koi fish.

Asagi Koi Fish

Asagi koi, typically known as blue black koi, are one of many authentic breeds of koi. In consequence, quite a few varieties have come from such a fish.

This fish selection can develop significantly massive and is acknowledged by its pale to darkish blue our bodies; lighter our bodies are thought-about to be extra fascinating.

Asagi koi fish ought to have symmetrical hello (crimson) patches on the cheeks of the face, pectoral fins, dorsal fins, underbelly, and onto the tail; redness on the fins can fluctuate in protection and will not be current in any respect.

These koi fish have been tailored to the butterfly koi appearance and likewise are available in a number of totally different variations:

  • Hello Asagi koi have higher-than-average quantities of crimson protection.
  • Taki Asagi have a noticeable white line of separation between the darkish blue of the physique and the crimson underbelly.
  • Asagi Konjo are very darkish in look and might even look black from above.
  • Asagi Narumi are very pale and have extra pastel colorations.
  • Asagi Mizu lack crimson coloration and have a lightweight blue tinge.

These fish aren’t probably the most thrilling forms of koi accessible, however many hobbyists hold them as an appreciation for the great thing about the koi fish custom.

Kohaku Koi Fish

Kohaku Koi Fish

Kohaku are one of many first decorative forms of koi fish ever created, believed to have been bred within the early 1800’s. These fish have a shiro (white) physique with hello (crimson) patterns.

They’ll additionally are available in butterfly selection. Taisho Sanke and Showa Sanshoku are two of the preferred varieties accessible.

Taisho Sanke Koi Fish

Taisho Sanke, also called Taisho Sanshoku and Sanke, are descendants of Kohaku. Along with a white physique with crimson patternings, these fish have black spottings (sumi).

These fish often have a clear head with none black markings, which is totally different from Showa varieties.

Showa Sanshoku Koi Fish

Taisho Sanke Koi Fish

Showa koi fish, typically occasions known as simply Showa, have a black physique with crimson and white patterning on high.

Bekko Koi Fish

Bekko Koi Fish

Bekko koi fish are easy in shade however are very interesting of their simplicity. These fish are available in three totally different colours, crimson (Aka Bekko), yellow (Ki Bekko), and white (Shiro Bekko); yellow Bekko are the rarest to return throughout.

This fashionable number of koi fish is usually simple to acknowledge because of the black patterns (sumi) that cowl their physique. Faces needs to be absent of sumi, although fins might have some striping.

Bekko fish are an awesome newbie koi keeper possibility and are available in butterfly variations as nicely.

Utsurimono Koi Fish

Utsurimono Koi Fish

Utsurimono are a number of the most fascinating koi fish accessible. These fish have non-metallic black sumi patterning that options secondary colours, particularly hello (crimson), shiro (white), or ki (yellow); they’re typically labeled as Shiro Utsuri, Hello Utsuri, and Kin Ki Utsuri.

Utsurimono had been derived equally to Showa Sanshoku.

Ogon Koi Fish

Ogon Koi Fish

Ogon koi might be tough to inform other than different koi just by shade. Nonetheless, these fish have metallic scales which may make them stand out in unclear water situations.

These fish have a strong physique shade, often occurring in golds, whites, oranges, or bronzes. Listed below are some Ogon varieties you’re prone to come throughout:

  • Platinum Ogon (also called Purachina Ogon) are one of the fascinating kinds of Ogon and are a strong white shade. There are some off-white varieties as nicely, however these are extra unusual; blemishes can take away from the standard of the fish.
  • Yamabuki Ogon can vary in shade from darkish yellows to very vivid and light-weight yellows. Ideally, these fish could have white fins, although it’s not unusual to search out some yellow on the base of the fin.
  • Orenji Ogon are an orange variation of Ogon. Like Yamabuki, the fins needs to be white however some orange sample could be current.
  • Nezu Ogon are thought-about to be one of many authentic variations of Ogon koi. They’re silver or gray.
  • Hello Ogon have vivid crimson metallic scales.
  • Mukashi Ogon are usually not quite common to return throughout however are bronze in shade.
  • Kuro Ogon characteristic metallic black colours.
  • Matsuba Ogon are a more recent number of koi that options black scaling over a strong physique shade. This patterning could also be discovered on white, crimson, orange, and yellow koi, with totally different scale varieties and butterfly variations.

The Matsuba Ogon is totally different because of the fukurin impact which occurs to koi. This causes the pores and skin to change into extra current between scales because the koi ages.

Koi Fish Info

Listed below are some enjoyable information about probably the most distinctive, uncommon, and fashionable breeds of koi fish accessible!

How Many Breeds of Koi Fish Are There?

At this level, it’s possible you’ll be asking what number of kinds of koi there really are. There are over 100 several types of acknowledged koi fish.

Every koi is fastidiously noticed and positioned right into a breed primarily based on its patterns and origination. Basically, koi are separated into 3 totally different varieties:

  • Kohaku
  • Taisho Sanshoku
  • Showa Sanshoku

What Is the Greatest Breed of Koi?

Particularly large koi are generally known as jumbo koi. Jumbo koi are thought-about any koi that grows over 24 inches (61 cm). A few of these fish can develop to be 40 inches (102 cm) at full measurement!

These fish might be any breed. They aren’t assured to develop to those excessive sizes as food quality and quantity are the main components for figuring out development.

Which Koi Fish Colour Patterns Are the Most Costly?

Koi fish might be very costly. However what makes yet one more priceless than the subsequent?

There are various components that go into figuring out how costly koi fish are, with shade being one of many most important fascinating traits. Along with lineage, patterning, and finnage, shade and the position of shade significantly affect their expense.

The most costly koi fish might have a strong physique shade, with fashionable colours being platinum white, vibrant gold, or darkish blue or black. Nonetheless, well-balanced breeds with flowing patterns of a number of colours may also be extremely fascinating.

In Japan, koi fish that characteristic a crimson spot on a white base are fashionable for his or her resemblance to the Japanese flag.

What Is the Rarest Sort of Koi?

Ki Utsuri are thought-about one of many rarest kinds of koi fish with yellow patterns over a darkish physique. This koi selection is uncommon because of the selective breeding that must be finished to precise recessive genes.

Different uncommon kinds of koi embrace:

  • Kuro Goshiki. Generally known as the fish of 5 colours, Kuro Goshiki are crimson, white, black, gentle blue, and darkish blue. They’re associated to Kindai Goshiki.
  • Ai Goromo. These decorative fish are white and crimson, however have distinct blue or black edging round their crimson scales. They’re a mixture of Kohaku and Asagi koi.
  • Ki Matsuba. These koi fish have a singular black netting round their yellow base shade.
  • Yatsushiro. Named after the town in Japan, Yatsushiro koi fish have white heads and white fins with a darkish black physique. Their markings are very prone to change over time.

What Is the Finest Koi Breed?

There isn’t a finest number of koi! Whereas many might argue that the most costly koi breeds are the very best, any fish that brings you pleasure is a good fish to have.

All kinds of koi fish require the identical quantity of care and dedication regardless of how a lot they had been to buy. A primary, plain-looking fish can shine their brightest colours when given the eye they deserve.

Last Ideas

There are various several types of koi fish on the market. A lot in order that it may be overwhelming for koi fish hobbyists! Don’t fear although, you don’t have to know every sample variation as a way to give your fish the very best life potential.

As a substitute, decide the type of koi fish you wish to hold. Give it the very best residing situations potential and watch it thrive!

When you’ve got any questions concerning the many various breeds of koi fish accessible, retaining a selected koi kind, or have had expertise with one of the breeds of koi fish on this record, don’t hesitate to depart a remark under!

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