The way to Acclimate Betta Fish (A Matter of Debate)


The perfect methodology for tips on how to acclimate fish is a extremely debated subject on-line. It doesn’t matter what I say on this article, there might be people who say I’ve acquired all of it unsuitable and their methodology is healthier.

There might be some who will declare I’m overly cautious and others will say I’m not cautious sufficient.

I at all times drip acclimate my fish, however many within the trade choose the “plop and drop” methodology. For plop and drop, they float the fish’s bag to get it as much as temp after which instantly open the bag right into a web, discard the water and drop the fish into the tank.

There are lots of distinguished aquarium consultants who state that they get the identical survival price with plop and drop that they do with drip acclimation, however with out all of the work you must do for dripping.

I urge to vary with these people. I’ve discovered that I’ve a considerably increased survival price with drip acclimation. I’d lose 10%-20% of fish with plop and drop versus solely about 1% utilizing drip acclimation.

So, I’m in favor of dripping. Right this moment, I’ll go over how I drip acclimate betta fish and what tools I take advantage of. It’s all low cost, available stuff, most of which you most likely already personal in case you’re within the aquarium passion.

The way to Acclimate a Betta Fish

Water Chemistry

You might want to be significantly cautious in case you are acclimating a Betta that has been shipped to you.

Fish delay wastes within the type of urine and feces come from their digestive system and CO2 from their respiration. 

As urine and feces rot within the bag, they delay extremely poisonous ammonia. 

Whereas the container is sealed up, CO2 and ammonia work together, binding the ammonia (NH3) right into a a lot much less poisonous substance, ammonium (NH4+).

That is nice as a result of it means the ammonia doesn’t poison the fish throughout transport. 

However additionally it is very dangerous as a result of the ammonia turns again into its tremendous poisonous type as quickly as you open the container and let the CO2 out!! Inside seconds there’s an enormous ammonia spike.

Be sure to add a couple of drops of Prime to the fish’s water as quickly as you open the transport bag!!

Please, be warned, opening a transport bag with out including Prime, or another ammonia detoxifier, can lead to the demise of your fish as a result of acute ammonia poisoning!! 

Prime will hold the ammonia certain into ammonium with out the CO2. If you wish to use a distinct water conditioner, make it possible for it detoxifies ammonia and never simply chlorine. 

Process for Acclimating a Betta Fish

The next steps are supposed to safely and gently acclimate fish, even when the parameters within the authentic container are radically completely different from these within the aquarium.


  • 3 gallon (11 liter) bucket
  • Aquarium airline tubing
  • Airline management valve (aka T valve)
  • Scissors 
  • Water conditioner that detoxifies ammonia (Seachem Prime is my first alternative)
  • Small clamps to carry airline hose
  • Eye dropper (optionally available however very useful)
  • Multipurpose Dip & Pour (optionally available however tremendous useful)

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  1. You first have to get your fish acclimated to the temperature of your aquarium. The way you acclimate your fish for temp goes to be affected by the form of container they’re in:
    1. Common plastic bag – hold the bag sealed. Float the bag within the aquarium for 20 minutes. You may clamp the bag to the rim of the aquarium if wanted. In case your fish was shipped to you, you’ll want to add 2-3 drops of Prime instantly after you chop open the bag. It will neutralize any constructed up ammonia, nitrate or nitrite that’s within the bag water.
    2. Breather bag – don’t, below any circumstances, float a breather bag!! It’s going to suffocate your fish. Open the breather bag, and instantly add a couple of drops of Prime.
      Switch the fish and all of the water into a daily plastic fish bag, or ideally, right into a Dip & Pour. Float the bag or cling the Dip & Pour on the within of the aquarium in order that it’s partially submerged below the tank water. The temp within the fish water will slowly equalize with the tank over the subsequent 20-Half-hour.
    3. Plastic cup – open the highest of the cup and add 2 drops of Prime. You may clamp the cup contained in the tank, or switch the fish and all of the water into a daily plastic fish bag, or ideally, right into a Dip & Pour.
      Float the bag or cling the Dip & Pour on the within of the aquarium in order that it’s partially submerged below the tank water. The temp within the fish water will slowly equalize with the tank over the subsequent 20-Half-hour.
  2. Whereas the temperature equalizes, get your drip equipment prepared. Run a chunk of airline tubing from the aquarium to the bucket. Clamp the top going into the tank in place. Ensure your tubing can simply attain your bucket and minimize it to suit.
  3. Lower the airline once more a couple of ft up from the top that goes into the bucket. Set up the management valve to splice the 2 ends again collectively.
  4. Switch the fish and the water from the container into the bucket. For those who’re utilizing a Dip & Pour, you may simply place the entire thing contained in the bucket.
  5. Suck on the bucket finish of the airline tubing to begin a siphon. Flip the knob on the management valve to scale back the water move to just a few drops per second. For those who should not have a management valve, you may knot the tubing a number of instances to limit the water move to a gradual drip.
  6. Let the tank water drip into the fish’s authentic water till the water quantity is roughly doubled. Then scoop out about half the water, and drip till the water doubles once more. Scoop and refill once more.
  7. Internet the fish and place them within the aquarium.
  8. Prime off the aquarium if wanted. 

Last Ideas

Not everybody within the passion agrees with tips on how to acclimate fish. Some will say that my methodology is excessive overkill, particularly for a Betta, however I wish to be overly cautious with regards to fish well being. 

Sudden parameter adjustments can extremely stress fish, making them prone to opportunistic pathogens. 

Higher to be secure than sorry and I’ve had good outcomes with these steps.

I hope you discover this text useful.

I want you and your fish the easiest!

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