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Hi there, Locksley right here once more.

Sorry I’m late. I couldn’t get to the pc as a result of mummy was utilizing it. She was utilizing all of it week. Within the afternoons there have been a number of horses working over the fences and she or he stated it was essential. On Thursday she was yelling at her horse–that was referred to as Stage Star and it received. She generally talked to the opposite horses too, those that have been in championship races.

Then when she wasn’t watching horse racing she was watching ski leaping. There was tons and much and plenty of folks sliding down the hill flying into the air. Earlier within the week they weren’t going very far however over the weekend they have been going an enormous distances, most likely even even so far as from right here to the primary street which is a protracted stroll away. Over 220 meters, the person stated.

Bertie selfie watching skijumping
Image of Bertie watching ski leaping with Mummy in 2019

This carried on during to Sunday night time. Then she wrote a narrative about chess. I don’t know something extra about it. However she forgot to provide me any time to do my submit and I used to be very upset about that. I feel she knew I used to be upset about one thing however not about what.

Anyway this morning she went out after we’d had our cuddles and cucumber and slightly run whereas she cleaned our cages out. Then she left Pippin working round on the ground and went out. So I managed to get my GPS working which is the guinea pig system and did the submit from right here, so I’m within the cage speaking to the pc as an alternative of typing.

Mummy has been speaking to the pc too, though she finds it very troublesome. The pc doesn’t perceive her very effectively. I don’t know why the pc has an issue. She puzzled if Artemis may ask his mummy what pc talking software program she makes use of in order that my mummy can get an excellent one too.

Other than listening to the ski leaping and racing we haven’t carried out something this week. It’s been a bit hotter exterior, sufficient to exit. Mummy says that it feels good however it’s very moist and chilly underfoot. However there’s a number of grass to eat, so if she will get the panels arrange together with her sore fingers we should always have the ability to exit within the not too distant future. Possibly even earlier than the top of the month. That might be fantastic!

Locksley's leaves

She gave us some leaves from the backyard the opposite day. Dandelions, spring greens, celeriac leaves, and lavender. That was yummy. Extra, please, mummy.

That’s all for now. I’m sorry it was late however nothing a lot occurred anyway. You haven’t missed something (and she or he’s again now).




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