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Tyler Wells has been retaining distinctive reef tanks for years. He’s had typical combined reefs prior to now, however recently, he’s taken a deep dive into distinctive habitats we don’t recurrently see within the pastime. Most notably, his “Hurricane Restoration” tank – meant to loosely present what occurs when a hurricane hits the coast and rearranges the aquascape. This tank additionally options one other materials you don’t usually see within the reef aquarium: driftwood.  

Driftwood is a really pure materials on coastlines.

When Tyler gained a 9-gallon bowl final 12 months, he knew it could be the right improve for his Purple Reef Lobster, Galileo. The scape on this bowl is breathtaking. Tyler was impressed whereas snorkeling on a current trip to St. Thomas. He wished to imitate the rock valleys he noticed within the shallow waters.  

Lava rock in invertebrate tanks is uncommon as of late, but it surely works.

One other distinctive function of the Lobster’s Lair is the man-made cave constructed from PVC pipe. It serves as a secure house for this invertebrate and prevents aquascape collapse ought to the lobster dig within the incorrect spot. Fortunately, Galileo appears to be content material along with his fake cavern.  

Higher in a separate bowl than in a combined reef. The Purple Reef Lobster.

The bowl is outfitted with a small LED strip gentle and canister filter. He additionally has a small Kessil A80 above the black mangrove. A query he usually receives on social media is how he offers with evaporation. A simple glass lid is the answer. Tyler solely has to high off this tank as soon as every week. This goes for any pico/nano aquarium – with a lid, you just about remove the necessity for an ATO, which takes up plenty of actual property on these small tanks.   

Tyler’s Recommendation: share your experiences on-line. The extra we share, the extra knowledge we can have, and that can solely profit hobbyists in the long term. Discover Tyler on Instagram – @Inland_Reef

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