How To Cease Your Cat From Climbing The Curtains: 4 Doable Methods


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siamese cat climbing curtains

Cats like to climb, and it’s deeply rooted of their feline DNA. In my expertise, cats will climb absolutely anything to take pleasure in a little bit of vertical enjoyable. For no matter motive, curtains appear to draw feline consideration usually. Some cats restrict themselves to utilizing thick curtains as an occasional further scratching floor, however others take pleasure in indulging in a great climb. If in case you have a feline curtain climber at residence, it’s possible you’ll marvel if you are able to do something to persuade your cat to cease.

Cats climb out of intuition, so one of the simplest ways to maneuver your cat away from curtain climbing is to offer them with an acceptable approach to interact with the world as they naturally would. Beneath I’ll evaluate 4 doable methods to cease your cat from climbing the curtains.

Why Do Cats Climb Curtains?

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To vary your cat’s conduct, it’s important to know why they climb curtains, to start with. Cats are pure climbers. Within the wild, kitties climb timber to survey the realm for prey and hazard. In addition they use vertical areas to relaxation and chill out, as being up excessive permits them to shortly see hazard and react whereas the issue remains to be comparatively far off.

Whereas we could discover the harm kitties do when scaling the heights of our curtains irritating, there’s completely nothing improper with cats who climb issues—they’re fulfilling a pure feline want. One of the best ways to persuade cats to cease climbing curtains is to offer them a extra enticing approach to meet the identical want. Many cats will fortunately pivot to napping in cat timber or exploring mounted cat cabinets if given the chance (maybe nudged in that path with just a few tasty treats).

Punishment doesn’t work and sometimes ends in stressed-out and confused cats who don’t perceive what’s anticipated. With out different actions, cats don’t have the bodily assets required to satisfy their primary wants, which might result in stress and nervousness. Maintain studying to study extra about steps you possibly can take which will cut back your cat’s curtain climbing.

My 4 Tricks to Cease Cats From Climbing Curtains:

1. Present Vertical Options

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My favourite approach to deal with this downside is to introduce enjoyable options to appropriately fulfill your pet’s want for a little bit of vertical enjoyable. Cat cabinets and timber are wonderful merchandise since they provide pets locations to hang around and preserve tabs on issues. With just some cat cabinets and a hammock, you possibly can create an impressive play and leisure space the place your cat can leap, climb, and chill out.

Cat cabinets, specifically, are an reasonably priced DIY choice (nice for a Sunday afternoon undertaking!); search for designs which might be vast sufficient to your cat to comfortably relaxation and choose supplies that may safely maintain your cat’s weight. If you happen to’re within the temper to deal with your cat to one thing spectacular, take into account buying a catio that attaches on to your window to offer them a pleasant perch from which to look at out of doors actions.

2. Put money into Scratchers

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Cats usually take pleasure in digging their claws into thick curtains, which might result in climbing in the event that they’re having a great time. Scratching is one other a type of actions firmly rooted in your cat’s DNA. Cats have scent glands of their paws and sometimes scratch to mark their territory and supply details about themselves. In addition they do it to keep their claws sharp and healthy.

Scratching posts and horizontal scratchers present felines with much less damaging methods to satisfy their must unfurl their claws. You may search for merchandise with totally different textures to offer them choices; some cats adore the texture of cardboard, and others can’t resist carpet. Put a model of your cat’s favourite scratcher within the room with the curtains you’d want your pet to keep away from, so that they don’t should go far to take pleasure in a great scratch.

3. Scale back Accessibility

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Some cats don’t reply at first when supplied with options, so it usually helps to make it troublesome to your cat to get to the curtains. Tying again heavy curtains discourages some cats from climbing as a lot. In case your buddy insists on climbing the curtains after you’ve pulled them again, calmly take away them and transfer on.

Contemplate including an additional deal with or two to the cat tree or different place you’d want them to hang around. However let your pet gravitate there by itself. Reward your companion with treats and reward once you see them investigating their new vertical playground or hanging out in their new cat tree.

4. Make the Space Disagreeable

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One other trick I like to recommend making an attempt is utilizing disagreeable smells and textures to make your curtains unattractive to your cat. Cats intensely dislike sure smells, together with citrus and sure kinds of Irish Spring cleaning soap. Contemplate spritzing your drapes with a product designed to discourage feline curiosity. Many cats dislike the texture of tape and aluminum foil and can take lively steps to keep away from strolling over both product.

Inserting tin foil or tape within the areas your pet makes use of to entry the curtains and the areas instantly across the drapes could cut back the entire enjoyment your cat will get from the exercise, growing the chance they’ll naturally start gravitating in the direction of the fun catnip-laced alternative you’ve offered.


You may persuade your cat to observe its really unimaginable climbing abilities in ways in which don’t contain your curtains. It’s typically so simple as offering cats with a extra gratifying different that meets their bodily and social wants.

As a result of cats are predators and prey, they usually really feel most snug when perched excessive above the whole lot, the place they’ll keep watch over the world. Giving cats alternative routes to benefit from the heights usually helps cut back curtain climbing.

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