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A brand new species of symbiotic sea anemone has been chosen as one of many ten exceptional new marine species described in 2022 by the World Register of Marine Species. Named Stylobates calcifer, the deep sea anemone attaches to the shells worn by the Hermit Crab Pagurodofleinia doederleini, however secretes its personal arduous masking onto that shell in a phenomenon referred to as carcinoecium-forming. Hermits carrying round anemones for additional disguise and safety is pretty widespread, and even carcinoecium-forming anemones will not be remarkable, however the truth that this specific anemone was new to science, and the depth during which it got here from, has made it a species of observe with WoRMS.

Stylobates calcifer was collected within the deep waters of the Kumano Sea off the coast of west Japan. Its title is the Himekinkara Sea Anemone in Japanese, a typical title it had earlier than it was correctly described. Its particular scientific title “Calcifer’ is in reference to the title of the fireplace demon Calcifer, who lives in a fort within the novel “Howls Shifting Citadel,” which has additionally been made into an animated movie in Japan. Eight specimens of the brand new anemone had been collected by the Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture and supplied to researcher Akihiro Yoshikawa on the College of Tokyo’s Ambiance and Ocean Analysis Institute.       

Yoshikawa and his analysis staff investigated and located that the anemone was a brand new species, and these findings had been printed in an American journal in March 2022. The creatures, 1 to 2 centimeters in height and 3 to 4 cm in diameter had been collected as a part of the aquarium’s common survey on the bathyal zone of the Kumano Sea.

A consultant of the aquarium commented, “We hope that many guests to the ability will find out about this fascinating ecology during which the smooth anemone creates a house for hermit crabs.” Stylobates calcifer are on show on the facility’s “laboratory for odd creatures” space.

That is the second time that an organism collected by the aquarium has been chosen as one of many WoRMS’s “Ten exceptional new marine species,” the primary being the Spathochaeta octopodis ragworm in 2019, additionally discovered within the Kumano Sea.


Within the paper printed in The Organic Bulletin, the authors studied the behavioral interplay between the crab and the anemone, observing that the anemone fed by the use of catching suspended particles within the water in addition to these produced by the crab because it fed. The fascinating query of what the anemone does when the hermit crab vacates the shell was answered too. The crab strikes the anemone to its new shell, though it did nothing to assist or facilitate the crab in its efforts and the transfer took “intensive manipulation,” to maneuver it.

The brand new Stylobates species was collected at a depth of 100-400 m. There are roughly 35 species of anemones which have mutually useful relationships with hermit crabs, however the research is probably the primary remark of the behavioral interplay of the not often studied carcinoecium-forming mutualism within the deep sea. 

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