Chili Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) Care Information For Freshmen


Chili rasboras are lovely and cute nano fish with fascinating motion and conduct.

They’re not a very demanding fish, however they do should be saved in a well-established and correctly maintained aquarium. So that they will not be best for you for those who’re a newbie.

On this care information, I’ll focus on the whole lot it’s essential find out about chili rasboras, so that you’ll know in the event that they’re best for you and your tank.

Chili Rasboras Fast Stats

  • Care Stage: straightforward
  • Min. Tank Dimension: 5 gallon (19 liter)
  • Temperature: 68°-82°F (20°-28°C)
  • Food plan: carnivore
  • Temperament: peaceable education fish
  • Lifespan: 5-8 years
  • Dimension: 0.5-0.75 inches (1.25-2 centimeters)
  • Household: Cyprinidae
  • What number of will be saved collectively: the extra, the merrier
  • Scientific Title: Boraras brigittae
  • Frequent Title: chili rasboras, mosquito rasboras 


Chili rasbora

Chili rasboras are tremendous cute little fish, excellent for a nano tank

They’re slim-bodied with strongly pointed fins and a forked tail. 

Males are brilliant, brilliant pink. Females are additionally pink, however are extra subdued. 

Women and men each sport black markings that run from the mid-body to the tail. Typically the markings kind a single stripe down both the aspect of the physique. Different instances, the stripe is damaged up, making it appear like a sequence of dashes. 

The fins and tail are translucent black with opaque pink and black dots. 

This species has very massive eyes relative to its physique measurement, one thing that helps make them much more cute.

Species Profile

Within the wild, chili rasboras are native to the island of Borneo in Indonesia.

Borneo is in a tropical area with common temperatures between 79°F-95°F (26°C-35°C).

These fish inhabit slow-moving blackwater creeks and rivers, the place they feed totally on insect larvae, significantly mosquito larvae.

Their typical habitat has water that’s darkly stained from tannins that leach out from fallen leaves. In pure areas, the water is often shaded from above by the dense jungle development of Borneo’s rainforests. 

The shade from timber, and the darkish, tannin-stained water, makes even open areas dim, with restricted visibility.

Chili rasboras journey collectively in massive teams, relying on the “security in numbers” technique employed by many fish. 

The rasboras college collectively, shifting out and in of patches of dense vegetation alongside the banks of waterways, in search of insect larvae, child shrimp and different tiny crustaceans, like daphnia.

They spawn nearly constantly, scattering their eggs into the tangles of aquatic vegetation that hug the riverbanks, leaving the fry to fend for themselves.

Learn how to Set Up a Chili Rasboras Tank

Chili rasboras swimming upper level of aquarium

Tank Dimension

These fish are tiny little guys! So, they don’t want a really massive tank. 

This species must be saved in a bunch of at the very least 5, nevertheless it’s all the time the extra, the merrier.

Even so, they’re so small which you can hold a faculty of six or seven in a 5 gallon (19 liter) aquarium.

Simply be mindful, although, with fish tanks, larger is all the time higher. A much bigger college of fish, with a bigger area to maneuver round in, may have extra fascinating conduct. 

And being in a big group helps these comparatively shy little fish really feel extra comfortable.


Chili rasboras will not be very sturdy swimmers. They’re simply so small and a continuing, sturdy present will exhaust them.

So, you don’t need a filter that places out a ton of water circulation.

I like to recommend a sponge filter for a chili rasboras tank; it’s 100% my first alternative of filters for small and delicate species like this one. 

Sponge filters are:

  • Low circulation
  • Low cost
  • Straightforward to arrange
  • Straightforward to take care of
  • Nice mechanical filtration
  • Glorious organic filtration

For extra in-depth details about sponge filters, see our complete article here.

Water Parameters

  • Temperature: 68°F-82°F (20°C-28°C)
  • Ammonia/Nitrite: 0
  • Nitrate: >30 ppm
  • pH: 6.0-8.0
  • GH: 4-10 dGH
  • KH: 3-15 dKH


Chili rasboras can tolerate a variety of temperatures, however will probably be extra energetic if saved in a tank that ranges from 75°F-82°F (24°C-28°C).

I might suggest including a heater to your rasboras tank, particularly if you wish to hold some other tropical species of nano fish within the tank with them.

For smaller tanks, 15 gallons (57 liters) and below, I like to recommend one of many Fluval P Collection preset heaters.

I like that they’re shatterproof and so easy to make use of. Simply ensure that to make use of the fitting measurement heater on your tank. Test with Fluval’s suggestions about sizing. 


Fluval P25 Submersible Aquarium Heater for Up to 6 Gallons, 25 Watts

Fluval P25 Submersible Aquarium Heater for As much as 6 Gallons, 25 Watts

Final replace on 2023-04-13 / Commissions Earned / Photographs from Amazon Product Promoting API

For bigger tanks, 20 gallons (76 liters) and up, I like to recommend the Fluval E Collection adjustable digital heaters.

I’m operating three of those heaters proper now, all of my front room tanks have them.

I can actually say, after over 2 years utilizing them, these are one of the best heaters that I’ve ever had. They’re the one heaters I’ll be shopping for sooner or later as different older ones conk out. 

I like the massive digital thermometer show on these heaters; they alter colour to warn you if the temp has gotten too excessive or low. 

It’s straightforward to set and regulate these heaters anytime you need. 

And so they have the facility wanted to effectively preserve the water temperature. 


Fluval E200 Advanced Electronic Heater, 100-Watt Heater for Aquariums up to 65 Gal., A773,Black

Fluval E200 Superior Digital Heater, 100-Watt Heater for Aquariums as much as 65 Gal., A773,Black

Final replace on 2023-04-13 / Commissions Earned / Photographs from Amazon Product Promoting API


This species of fish is a mid/top-dwelling species, so that they don’t actually work together with the substrate all that a lot.

However, they’ll look higher in opposition to a dark-colored substrate. 

Fish are inclined to mute their colours to higher mix in with a light-colored substrate, making them look washed out. 

Conversely, fish will darken their colours to mix right into a dark-colored substrate and look bolder and extra colourful.


Chili rasboras originate from blackwater environments, slow-moving waterways stained darkish from tannins leached into the water column from fallen tree leaves.

Blackwater fish, like Bettas and killifish, are most comfy in dim lighting. The truth is, chili rasboras, Bettas and killifish all have very massive eyes, all the higher to see in dim circumstances.

In case your tank has brilliant lighting, it may be overwhelming and worrying on your rasboras. Take into account including some floating plants, like frog bit or pink root floater. 

Floating vegetation will block among the gentle coming into the tank and can make the fish really feel much less weak to threats from above.

And as a bonus, floating vegetation are a good way to lower nitrates within the water column. 

Vegetation and Decor

Within the wild, this species lives inside the densely packed aquatic vegetation that develop alongside the riverbanks.

If in any respect potential, it’s greatest to imitate this within the aquarium. Tall stem vegetation that attain the highest of the water will probably be significantly appreciated. 

Chili rasboras will gladly flit out and in between the plant stems all through the day.

When you don’t have a inexperienced thumb, no worries, good tall synthetic vegetation that attain the floor of the water will probably be simply superb. 

Decor with small caves and/or swim-through areas will supply hidey holes the fish can retreat to once they really feel threatened.

Create a mixture of densely planted areas and open swimming areas. Your chili rasboras will migrate backwards and forwards between the 2 all through the day.

Chili Rasboras Food plan

In nature, chili rasboras are tiny little predators that scour their habitats for any indicators of insect larvae, crustaceans or tiny worms.

Within the aquarium, it’s greatest to feed them a assorted food regimen that’s wealthy in meaty sources of meals. Prime quality protein sources, mixed with colour enhancing components, will assist produce wholesome and vibrantly coloured fish.

Omega One Shade Mini Pellets are sized for tiny fish like rasboras. Salmon and entire herring are the primary components and it incorporates marigold extract that helps improve coloration.


Omega One Color Mini Pellets, Sinking, 3.5 oz

Omega One Shade Mini Pellets, Sinking, 3.5 oz

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This Extremely Recent Micro Pellets meals incorporates sword prawn, an incredible supply for pigments that makes pink fish particularly vibrant. It additionally throws in spirulina and seaweed, vitamin wealthy plant-based components with excessive dietary content material.

Ultra Fresh Tetra Fish Food, Slow Sinking, All Natural Ingredients, Wild Sword Prawns, Spirulina, Natural Color Enhancement, Small Granules for Small Fish, Tropical Micro Pellet 1.87 oz

Extremely Recent Tetra Fish Meals, Gradual Sinking, All Pure Substances, Wild Sword Prawns, Spirulina, Pure Shade Enhancement, Small Granules for Small Fish, Tropical Micro Pellet 1.87 oz

Final replace on 2023-04-13 / Commissions Earned / Photographs from Amazon Product Promoting API

Chili Rasboras Breeding

Chili rasboras are prolific breeders. If tank circumstances are good, they’ll spawn constantly.

If there’s sufficient cowl within the tank, like Java moss, guppy grass, pearl weed or plastic breeding grass, some fry ought to be capable to survive lengthy sufficient to change into free swimming.

Getting chili rasboras to breed is straightforward, however their infants are significantly tiny once they hatch, so elevating the fry is difficult and tough. 

The infants will should be positioned in their very own develop out tank in order that they aren’t eaten by adults. They’ll want a sponge filter and a heater.

You’ll must tradition infusoria to feed the fry for the primary few weeks. Then you’ll need to transition to bigger reside meals, like vinegar eels and microworms. After a number of weeks of those intermediate meals, the fry ought to be capable to eat freshly hatched brine shrimp.

As soon as the fry are 3-4 months outdated, they are often launched into the principle tank with the grownup rasboras.

As you’ll be able to see, it’s an concerned course of. Culturing reside meals on your fish generally is a enjoyable and rewarding facet of the passion, for some of us. However, it’s positively not for everybody.

Rising all kinds of reside meals, and getting the timing proper so that you’ve got the appropriately sized meals prepared on the right time, takes severe talent and dedication. I might not suggest this endeavor for a novice hobbyist.

Chili Rasboras Tank Mates

When in search of tank mates for chili rasboras, the largest consideration is measurement. Even peaceable fish will gulp down a tank mate that’s simply swallowed. Fish have a quite simple philosophy: “If it matches in my mouth, it have to be meals.”

So, you want peaceable tank mates which are additionally small and that received’t attempt to eat your rasboras for lunch.

Some good candidates are:

I might extremely suggest including some cherry or Amano shrimp to your chili rasboras tank.

Shrimp are nice for cleansing up algae in addition to uneaten meals that the fish don’t discover.

If the cherry shrimp breed, which they doubtless will, the chili rasboras will be capable to eat among the freshly hatched shrimplets. However, with enough cowl within the tank, lots of the child shrimp will evade predation and develop too massive for the fish’s tiny mouths.

Shrimp are a useful cleanup crew in your tank that provides little or no to the bioload.

Plus, they’re actually fascinating to look at, as they go about, residing their shrimpy little lives.

Snails are additionally a peaceable tank mate that may assist cut back algae and waste within the aquarium.

Are Chili Rasboras Proper for You?

Chili rasboras are lovely and cute nano fish with fascinating motion and conduct. 

They’re not a very demanding fish, they only should be in a well-established, correctly maintained aquarium. 

Easy upkeep, like weekly water adjustments, will hold the water clear and steady, and the fish will thrive.

They don’t seem to be a good selection for a brand new hobbyist’s first tank, however extra skilled keepers ought to discover them easy to look after.

General, this species is an impressive nano fish. Tiny, however impactful.

I hope you discover this text useful.

I want you and your fish the perfect!

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