Biocube 32 Upgrades – The Greatest Obtainable for Your Tank


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The BioCube 32 by Coralife is an effective way to get your toes moist in the saltwater aquarium hobby. These all-in-one aquarium setups have every part you’ll want to run a profitable marine system.

Whereas the BioCube 32 comes outfitted with environment friendly inventory tools, there are a number of upgrades that may be made to make your saltwater fish tank run as easily as doable.

Preserve studying to seek out out a few of the finest tools upgrades out there to your Coralife BioCube 32 gallon tank!

Why You Ought to Improve Your BioCube 32 Tank

One of many causes Coralife BioCubes are so well-liked is that they arrive with every part you’ll want to get your tank operating as quickly as doable.

An all-in-one package deal eliminates the necessity for researching and evaluating totally different merchandise on finish. These techniques are normally cheaper to purchase altogether than in particular person items as nicely.

Nonetheless, the previous adage is true: you get what you pay for.

For a lot of hobbyists, BioCube upgrades aren’t essential. However if you happen to’re making an attempt to keep anything more than just fish, then you definitely’ll have to look into some upgrades and additions.

To recap, Coralife BioCube 32 gallon tanks include:

  • Pre-programmed LED lighting with ramp-up/down choices and moonlight settings
  • Customizable filtration chamber
  • Submersible pump
  • Twin intakes and adjustable return nozzle

This equipment is lacking a number of essential add-ons and upgrades wanted to maintain extra superior marine life, together with a heater, thermometer, powerheads, UV sterilizer, and protein skimmer; many hobbyists additionally select to improve the inventory return pump and filtration.

With a purpose to develop most corals, the LED lighting would additionally must be upgraded.

Issues To Take into account

All-in-one techniques are handy and inexpensive at first however can change into fairly costly over time with upgrades. It’s vital to know the tip aim to your tank earlier than you make the acquisition.

In case you are content material protecting hardy fish with low-light coral species, then the Coralife BioCube 32 will meet your expectations. If you wish to maintain extra delicate fish and invertebrates, then some upgrades will must be made.

At that time, it will be price contemplating shopping for gadgets individually for higher customization.

On the identical time, it’s vital to think about the scale and form of the Coralife BioCube 32 tank; this isn’t an atypical tank in format or dimension, that means that not all tools will match as simply.

This may make shifting away from the normal Coralife setup considerably troublesome.

The Greatest Coralife 32 BioCube Upgrades

Listed here are a few of the finest upgrades you may make to your Coralife 32 BioCube with out buying different manufacturers.

Coralife BioCube Ultraviolet Sterilizer Mini, 5 Watt UV Lamp

An ultraviolet sterilizer shouldn’t be essential for many aquarium setups, however some hobbyists really feel consolation in figuring out they’ve an extra line of protection towards algae and a few pathogens.

Coralife Biolcube gives a 5W UV sterilizer that conveniently matches within the filtration chambers of the 32 gallon choice. Coralife additionally gives substitute bulbs for an actual match.

Although handy and efficient for tackling algae issues, there are a number of issues with the Coralife BioCube Ultraviolet Sterilizer Mini. This features a quick lifespan for bulbs, issues with tight set up, and an above-average worth for a unit of this measurement and high quality.

What we like:

  • Eliminates and prevents algae issues
  • Straightforward to suit
  • Contains all elements wanted for set up

What might be higher:

  • Quick lifespan
  • Tough set up
  • Costly to repairs
  • Costly unit in comparison with different high quality and types

Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer

A protein skimmer is a good improve for hobbyists combating high-nutrient techniques. This tools is environment friendly at eradicating natural wastes earlier than they are often damaged down into vitamins, successfully reducing the quantity of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate that enter the water.

On the whole, a protein skimmer isn’t essential for nano aquariums. Nonetheless, the Coralife Biocube Protein Skimmer is accessible for hobbyists who need extra management over their nutrient export.

This protein skimmer can take some trial and error to seek out the appropriate settings and hobbyists complain of microbubbles. It can be considerably difficult to assemble.

What we like:

  • Matches completely throughout the filtration chamber
  • Straightforward to take care of
  • Lengthy efficiency

What might be higher:

  • Tough to seek out the appropriate setting
  • Doesn’t match all BioCube aquarium setups
  • Creates microbubbles
  • Might be noisy

Coralife BioCube Circulation Pump Black 250 GPH

Oceanic BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump

  •  Aquarium water pumps that match all sizes of BioCube Aquariums
  • Straightforward-lock suction cup set up, changes a snap
  • Inline aquarium water pumps with environment friendly, energy-saving motors
  • Simulates pure river currents

Check Price

Saltwater tanks want much more water stream than freshwater aquariums.

The stream price offered by the bottom BioCube filtration is environment friendly at creating floor agitation, however extra stream is required to maneuver aquarium water all through the remainder of the show.

The Coralife BioCube Circulation Pump Black 250 GPH is an efficient resolution for introducing extra water motion to the aquarium.

This pump does finest for aquariums below 30 gallons (113.6 L) however may be very efficient when positioned in useless zones. The stream is vast and delicate, which is nice for creating refined motion.

Some hobbyists discover this pump too weak for his or her setup however have little issues with it in any other case.

What we like:

  • Quiet, light water stream
  • Sturdy suction cup attachment

What might be higher:

  • Giant design
  • Generally too weak for the specified impact

Coralife BioCube Stand for 29 & 32 Gallon Aquariums

The Coralife BioCube is so well-liked that the majority hobbyists purchase it secondhand from one other fanatic. Sadly, because of this some elements is likely to be lacking or must be changed.

Surprisingly, one of the widespread gadgets that hobbyists want to purchase for his or her BioCube is an aquarium stand.

This black, water resistant stand is constructed to assist each 29 and 32 gallon BioCube setups. It’s constructed from acrylic materials with an included inside shelf.

The Coralife BioCube stand matches the aesthetic of the tank and gives loads of assist. Nonetheless, there may be restricted house beneath the tank for hobbyists hoping to maintain a refugium or sump setup.

What we like:

  • Sturdy, supportive design for a number of tank sizes
  • Included shelf for storage
  • Straightforward to assemble

What might be higher:

  • Restricted house and entry for exterior filtration
  • Costly

The Greatest Coralife 32 BioCube Add-Ons

Whereas the Coralife 32 BioCube comes with every part you’ll want to get your saltwater tank began, there are a number of lacking items of kit wanted to maintain life.

This consists of:

  • A heater
  • A thermometer
  • A refractometer
  • Take a look at kits

Sadly, Coralife doesn’t make this tools particularly for his or her BioCube setups, although they provide ones for normal use.

Listed here are a few of the finest Coralife 32 BioCube add-ons from outdoors manufacturers!

Aqueon Adjustable Professional Aquarium Heater (150 watts)

Heaters are one of many most problematic pieces of aquarium tools. In each the freshwater and reef aquarium, hobbyists have struggled with reliability and accuracy.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a heater that checks each these bins along with longevity and expense.

The Aqueon Adjustable Professional Aquarium Heater is one among our favourite upgrades for any system. One rated 150 watts will simply maintain a Coralife 32 BioCube heated with out stressing the heater.

This heater has a temperature vary between 68 to 88°F (20.0-31.1°C) with an accuracy of +/- 1°. Few hobbyists have issues with the Aqueon Professional Heater, nevertheless it has sometimes malfunctioned.

What we like:

  • Programmable, dependable, and correct
  • Useable in freshwater and reef aquarium setups
  • Good high quality for the value

What might be higher:

  • Lengthy in measurement
  • Has been identified to malfunction from time to time

Aquarium Thermometer

A thermometer is vital it doesn’t matter what type of fish tank you’re protecting, be it a saltwater, brackish, or freshwater aquarium setup. The one factor worse than not having a thermometer is having an inaccurate thermometer.

There are two main types of aquarium thermometers out there: analog and digital. Exterior stick-on thermometers ought to by no means be used.

Analog thermometers are extraordinarily dependable, however can simply crack, take up beneficial house, and be troublesome to learn. Digital thermometers are considerably dependable and susceptible to malfunctioning, however very precise and supply the hobbyist extra space within the tank.

Listed here are our most popular aquarium thermometers.

Imagitarium Glass Thermometer

Imagitarium Glass Thermometer

  • Glass Thermometer from Imagitarium
  • Measures water temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Attaches to the within of your aquarium with the included suction cup
  • Security zone indicator screens excellent temperatures for many tropical fish

Check Price

The Imagitarium Glass Thermometer is a small glass thermometer that measures to 110°F or 43°C. A secure zone for tropical fish species is indicated by a inexperienced area.

This floating thermometer may be connected to the glass with a forward-facing suction cup.

What we like:

  • Traditional, dependable design
  • Protected zone indicated

What might be higher:

  • The suction cup offers out over time
  • Not shatter-proof
  • Might be troublesome to learn

Imagitarium Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Imagitarium additionally makes digital aquarium thermometers, which give a extra exact studying of water temperature.

It is a battery-powered thermometer with a 3 foot wire for straightforward placement. The numbers show on a LED display and measure inside a level of the particular temperature.

What we like:

  • Straightforward to learn
  • Lengthy wire for customizable placement

What might be higher:

  • Battery-run
  • Malfunctions and supplies inaccurate readings

Imagitarium Aquatic Refractometer

Imagitarium Aquatic Refractometer

  •  Measures on Particular Gravity and Elements per Thousand scales
  • Options computerized temperature compensation
  • Contains refractometer, dropper, calibration screwdriver, cleansing material and directions
  • For saltwater aquariums

Check Price

A refractometer is important for saltwater tanks. This instrument may appear scary to make use of, nevertheless it’s very straightforward to learn and is required to measure the quantity of salt in a saltwater aquarium.

Don’t be tricked into buying a less expensive hydrometer. Though a hydrometer and refractometer are each used to measure the precise gravity (salinity), a refractometer is far more correct and long-lasting.

We advocate the Imagitarium Aquatic Refractometer for its ease of use and reliability.

Whereas refractometers can final a very long time, heavy use and improper storage may cause them to interrupt. They typically must be calibrated with freshwater (ideally RO/DI water), which isn’t included within the Imagitarium package deal.

What we like:

  • Straightforward to learn
  • Correct and long-lasting

What might be higher:

  • Turns into much less correct/breaks over time
  • Doesn’t include calibration resolution

Salifert Grasp Reef Testing Combo Package – Saltwater Aquariums

Irrespective of if you happen to’re protecting a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, you’ll want to be able to test your water quality.

There’s a wide array in high quality and worth on the subject of aquarium check kits, particularly these for reef aquariums. First, you’ll want to know which parameters you have to be testing:

  • Ammonia
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • pH
  • Phosphate

When you have a reef aquarium, you must also be testing calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity.

On the whole, the Salifert Grasp Reef Testing Combo Package accommodates every part you’ll want to maintain fish and corals secure and glad, in addition to ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates exams.

Nonetheless, the included exams are very correct, straightforward to learn, and final a very long time. These check a lot nearer to the decimal than different check kits priced on the identical worth.

What we like:

  • Shut, correct readings
  • Straightforward to color-match outcomes

What might be higher:

  • Some exams are troublesome to learn
  • Packaging might be higher

Different Tools

There are many choices for BioCube Aquarium upgrades and add-ons. There are a number of key items of kit that must be utilized by each saltwater hobbyist, although.

This consists of:

  • Salt combine
  • Algae scrapers/pads
  • Gravel vacuum
  • A number of types of fish meals

Salt Combine

Salt combine is important for many saltwater fans. Some pet shops supply contemporary pre-mixed saltwater for buy, however most hobbyists go for making their very own with RO/DI water and a preferred salt mix.

There isn’t a one proper salt combine for each aquarium. What sort of salt combine you select will depend on how your tank runs; each tank has totally different most popular parameters, and also you’ll have to discover a salt combine that accommodates that.

Algae Scrapers/Pads

Sadly, even saltwater aquariums suffer from algae. Due to the brilliant lights typically used with corals, biofilm algae likes to accumulate on the entrance of the glass.

Algae scrapers don’t must be fancy, however many manufacturers have made handy stay-in-the-tank magnetic fashions. In any other case, a clear toothbrush throughout water adjustments will obtain the identical outcomes.

Gravel Vacuum

A gravel vacuum, in any other case referred to as an aquarium siphon, is at all times really helpful for any aquarium.

These suction-based tubes take away particles from the substrate and make transferring water straightforward, particularly throughout upkeep.

It’s higher to go along with a barely dearer gravel vacuum if you’re simply beginning out as a top quality one will final indefinitely for all tanks to return.

Kinds of Fish Meals

It may possibly’t be overstated that wholesome fish are constituted of wholesome diets. Most species generally saved in a BioCube aquarium originate from tropical reefs with ample meals selections.

Most tropical species of fish are omnivores and must be given a rich and varied diet of each meat- and plant-based choices.


The 32 gallon BioCube Aquarium is a good all-in-one selection for hobbyists trying to enter the saltwater fish tank interest.

Whereas this setup comes with most issues wanted to maintain glad and wholesome fish, there are some things that may make upkeep and sustaining water parameters that a lot simpler.

Additionally, if you happen to’re shopping for your BioCube tank secondhand, don’t overlook that you simply’ll want an aquarium stand!

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