I’ve a male piggy who lives in a C&C on his personal as a result of he has did not bond with anybody, however he has firm both aspect of him. He’s all the time biting and chewing on the bars! He has different issues to chew (cardboard, hay and many others) however he nonetheless nibbles his bars, virtually obsessively. How can I cease him and can he break his tooth?

A: Katharine Frayling

Out of your query, I’m gathering that they’re males on both aspect of him within the C&C cages? If there are females within the room, it will be robust for him to cease biting as he can have a robust drive to persist. If they’re all boys, it may be a fear that they’ll break their tooth or not less than put on the entrance ones down as they are often very persistent with the chewing.

 For those who discover that he chews the bars much less on the finish with a selected pair of guineas, then maybe transfer him to the top of the C&C arrange with these ones subsequent door. This may occasionally calm him down a bit as he can have much less stimulation from all of the guineas round him, as he’ll solely see one pair of guinea pigs.

Some individuals who have had the identical problem put a chunk of thick perspex in order that it retains them away from the bars, however they’ll nonetheless see each other. This can be a troublesome problem to resolve generally, but when they’ve been put subsequent door to 1 one other pretty not too long ago, it could all settle down over time.

A: Abi Eddis

In case your boar is continually and obsessively biting the bars, I might say he’s feeling very lonely and annoyed at not being with different piggies subsequent door. Some lone piggies do reside fortunately as piggy ‘neighbours’, however your little chap sounds very upset and confused. I might contact a neighborhood rescue that will help you right here as many will do boar courting.

Only a few piggies can’t be bonded, boars generally want to select their mates although. Or one other glorious answer is to have him neutered and provides him a sow as a companion, these bonds are sometimes strong pairings. Good luck

A: Dr Alison Wills

Bar chewing tends to be an indication of frustration in guinea pigs. If he’s chewing the bars to attempt to get to the opposite guinea pigs, then maybe he’s wanting some companionship. You might strive giving him extra types of enrichment to attempt to occupy him and distract him from the bar gnawing. Possibly place one thing the place he normally likes to gnaw (like a hidey). This may restrict interplay with the opposite guinea pigs however may forestall the chewing as a brief time period answer. Maybe you may provide extra flooring time to tire him out as he additionally looks as if he has plenty of vitality if he’s doing this always. And he may require elevated psychological stimulation

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