Im so careworn

I’m going to make use of blue planet fluke and tapeworm remedy which incorporates praziquantel.

The directions are as follows : After 48 hours from Inital Therapy change 25% of Aquarium water and clear filter medium.
Repeat Dose 7 days later to forestall re-infestation.

So do I depart the pea puffer within the tank for 7 days till I full my second deworming dose?

Can I feed him black worms while he lives within the quarantine tank? ( will the praziquantel kill the worms?)

I don’t have a quarantine tank already arrange so I’m going to place water from my aquarium into an empty tank I’ve with a cycled sponge filter from my tank will that be okay?

What do I have to do to the sponge filter earlier than putting it again into my essential tank ? As I’ve vegetation, shrimp and pgymy cories in the principle tank.


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