Ask the Specialists – Will two boys pair up?


Q: Hello, I’ve two boars aged 3 years and one 12 months that stay individually, every with a youthful boar for firm. Neither is sterilised however have additionally by no means been used for breeding. I now discover myself with them each being on their very own. Given their ages, is there any likelihood of efficiently pairing them collectively or am I simply setting myself up for heartache? From Amanda, by way of e-mail

A: Dave says: Hello Amanda, there isn’t a cause why you shouldn’t attempt to bond these two boys; being unneutered, or by no means getting used to breed, could have little if any impact on efficiently bonding them, on the finish of the day it’s all all the way down to the person temperaments. I’ve all the time had the perfect success placing them in adjoining cages in order that they’ll slowly get to know and belief one another, then rigorously introduce them on impartial floor, with no hidey holes for both of them to understand as territory. Normally the larger the bottom the higher! They are going to in all probability have the preliminary scuffles, enamel chattering and generally rapidly nipping one another, however what you really want to be careful for is once they face one another off with broad open mouths and entrance enamel displaying. That is the time you have to maintain your nerve, as usually one in all them will finally again down, nevertheless it they do lunge at one another then you have to throw a towel over them and separate them instantly. Put them again of their respective cages and check out once more in a few days. It may be a protracted drawn out course of however persistence normally pays! You could learn that bathing them to do away with their smells helps, I’ve by no means discovered this to be the case, because the odor they produce when assembly one another is a pheromone which is produced immediately, and bathing can’t cease that; at finest bathing could also be helpful as a shock tactic, however personally it has by no means labored for me. 

Mary says: It’s doable to pair up or actually have a group of boars nevertheless it does rely upon the character of particular person pigs. Trial and error is the best way ahead and it does assist if you’ll be able to introduce the boars on impartial floor.

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