Are Mollies Aggressive Fish? – Temperament and Conduct


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Relating to establishing a neighborhood fish tank, mollies must be on the prime of the listing for a lot of hobbyists! These brightly coloured, lively fish add an exquisite pop of coloration to your aquarium, are straightforward to look after, and are prolific livebearers, offering you with a lot of new fish.

Nevertheless, one of many issues with a neighborhood tank is occasional outbursts of aggressive habits between the residents. That may be distressing for the fish keeper and typically results in harassed livestock and even injured fish.

So, are mollies aggressive fish? How do you stop feminine mollies from being harassed by males? And what number of mollies must you preserve collectively?

Learn this information to be taught extra about aggression in mollies, its causes, and the way to preserve the peace in your tank!

Are Mollies Aggressive Fish?

Little Molly fish

Usually, mollies are a peaceable species that aren’t identified for exhibiting aggression towards different species of fish.

That stated, they’ll squabble amongst themselves underneath sure circumstances.

Establishing a Hierarchy

Should you preserve multiple male molly, you would possibly see some aggression throughout the group whereas a pecking order is being established. The bickering is normally not critical and shortly subsides when one male backs down.

Lack of Area

Mollies are lively fish that want loads of swimming house.

If the atmosphere turns into crowded and there’s not sufficient room, the fish can develop into aggressive towards one another and their tank mates.

Lack of Meals

Hungry fish are sometimes aggressive and feisty, so they may develop into bad-tempered if you happen to don’t supply your fish sufficient to eat.


Mollies are prolific breeders, and males can develop into aggressive when in spawning situation. Male mollies’ temperature rises when they’re in breeding circumstances, and also you’ll see males chasing females always as a prelude to spawning.

Though that may appear to be the fish are combating, this type of “aggression” is a pure a part of the breeding ritual, so don’t panic!

Too A lot Consideration!

I’ve skilled this drawback prior to now with mollies and guppies. The male fish are always harassing the females in what’s a reasonably belligerent method. That usually ends in the females changing into harassed, which might result in illness outbreaks and early mortality.

Not like some sorts of fish, mollies don’t kind mated pairs, so you’ll be able to combine a small group of random females with one male and never offend anybody. That mixture normally prevents the women from being pestered an excessive amount of and makes for a extra peaceable group.

Indicators of Aggression

So, how have you learnt when your mollies are being aggressive? There are a number of giveaway behaviors that exhibit true aggression moderately than minor bickering.


If in case you have multiple male in a gaggle of mollies, sparring is a traditional habits and doesn’t normally quantity to greater than the rivals chasing one another across the tank.

The fish normally hand over on this habits after they get distracted or bored.


Sparring can look similar to breeding habits in mollies.

Nevertheless, if you happen to look intently, you’ll discover one slim, vividly coloured fish chasing a plumper one which has much less vibrant colours. The slim fish is the male, and the drab one is the feminine. That pursuit may be very traumatic for the feminine until the male desists pretty shortly.

Indicators of Aggression

You’ll be able to normally inform in case your mollies have gotten aggressive since they’ll show a number of giveaway indicators:

  • Inflexible, unfold fins
  • Brighter coloring
  • Head twitching
  • Darker eye coloration
  • Skittish habits

So, how do you stop your mollies from changing into aggressive?

Stopping Aggression in Mollies

are mollies aggressive fish

Luckily, there are just a few methods of lowering and stopping aggression in mollies.

Boys and Women

As talked about above, male mollies can develop into overly attentive when introduced with a gaggle of females. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to mitigate that considerably by having the proper male-to-female ratio.

I like to recommend having one male molly to 4 or 5 females. That stops the females from being hassled and prevents stress.

Tank Measurement

How Many Mollies in a 20 Gallon Tank

One main purpose for aggression in a fish tank is overcrowding. That may trigger your fish to cover away or begin combating amongst themselves or with different tank residents just because they really feel trapped.

So, you’ll be able to stop outbreaks of aggression by not overstocking your fish tank. When shopping for fish to your setup, bear in mind the fish you discover in fish shops are normally juveniles that can develop as they mature. Which means you’ll want to purchase a big sufficient tank to accommodate them.

Additionally, take into consideration the form of the aquarium. For instance, an oblong tank permits extra swimming house for full of life fish that swim within the central a part of the water column.

Hiding Locations

It’s a good suggestion to offer loads of hiding locations in your fish tank the place your mollies and different fish can take shelter in the event that they’re being hassled by tank mates.

Items of driftwood, twisted roots, easy stones, and rockwork could make glorious retreats that look lovely, too. Reside crops are glorious to your water high quality and supply good cowl to your fish. Floating plant species create dappled shade and supply shelter for barbecue and shy fish species.

Nevertheless, don’t be tempted to stuff your aquarium with decorations, or your fish gained’t have sufficient house to swim!

How Many Mollies?

Mickey Mouse Platy

A tank with mollies is at its most peaceable when the fish are saved in small teams of round 5 people. In fact, in case you have a big sufficient aquarium, you would possibly wish to preserve extra. As beforehand talked about, it’s greatest to stay to at least one male fish with just a few females, as that retains combating over mates and hierarchy to a minimal.

Conserving one molly by itself just isn’t a good suggestion. That results in defensive habits and will set off aggression towards tank mates.

Feed Your Fish Appropriately

Beginner fish keepers are likely to overfeed their fish, so don’t make the error of taking issues too far the opposite manner and never providing your pets sufficient meals! If the fish are hungry, there’s an opportunity they’ll combat one another to get to the meals that’s on supply.

As a basic rule of thumb, we advocate that you simply feed your fish twice a day, providing them solely what they’ll eat in round two or three minutes. After that point, if there’s nonetheless a lot of meals left floating within the water, you’re overfeeding your fish!

One other drawback with mollies is that they have a tendency to eat their fry if hungry, so offering your fish with sufficient meals ought to stop that.

New Arrivals

Mollies are shoaling fish that like to ascertain a hierarchy throughout the group. As soon as that pecking order is sorted out, the group settles down, and issues are normally peaceable. Nevertheless, including new mollies to the tank upsets that delicate stability and might kick off disputes.

That stated, if you happen to add just a few new females to a tank with one or two males, it’s extra probably that the males will occupy themselves flirting with and pursuing the females than combating amongst themselves!

Ideally, to maintain the peace, it is best to add a gaggle of mollies to your neighborhood setup on the identical time and after they’re nonetheless juveniles.

What Fish Get Alongside With Mollies?

Pearl Danios

In fact, selecting the correct mix of tank mates to go along with your mollies is one surefire manner of avoiding hassle.

So, what fish make good tank mates for mollies?

The very best companions to your mollies are small, peaceful fish species that like to hang around in colleges or unfastened shoals. That manner, the mollies gained’t really feel that they should defend their territory in opposition to one particular person, and the brand new arrivals can have security in numbers.

Tetras, danios, and rasboras are a reasonably secure selection, and they’re lively, fairly fish that make a great show within the aquarium. Backside-dwellers like Corydoras catfish are additionally a good selection since they gained’t trouble your mollies and vice versa.

Cardinal Tetras

As well as, there are a number of totally different sorts of mollies that may work effectively, offered you stick with the one male to a few or 4 females rule.


On this a part of our information, we reply just a few of essentially the most regularly requested questions on Mollies and their habits and temperament.

Q: Do Mollies Nip Different Fish?

A: Mollies are usually peaceable fish, though they’ll nip different fish’s fins underneath sure circumstances. For instance, if the tank is overcrowded or there are too many male mollies within the aquarium, they may start nipping to ascertain a hierarchy.

Q: Are Black Mollies Aggressive Fish?

A: Black molly fish are normally peaceable, neighborhood fish. Nevertheless, if you happen to preserve too many male fish in the identical tank, squabbles can get away. As well as, feminine fish outnumbered by males are sometimes harassed.

Q: What Fish Can I Put With Mollies?

A: Mollies are peaceable neighborhood fish that usually do effectively when saved with different small, non-aggressive species, together with danios, Corydoras catfish, barbs, loaches, tetras, and different livebearer species.

Q: Are Mollies Aggressive Towards Every Different?

A: Mollies don’t normally show aggressive habits towards one another. Nevertheless, the fish can develop into what I’d describe as mildly miffed sometimes in the event that they really feel threatened or try to ascertain a hierarchy among the many group. That’s typically the case when new fish are launched to a tank.

Q: Are Black Mollies Territorial?

A: In a small aquarium, male Black molly fish can develop into fairly territorial. So, we advocate that you simply preserve one male to a ratio of 4 to 5 feminine mollies. Even in a really massive tank, it’s greatest to maintain extra male than feminine fish, as that stops the women from being harassed by over-amorous males.

Q: How Many Black Mollies Ought to Be Saved Collectively?

A: Mollies are shoalers that choose to be saved in teams of no less than 5, ideally with one male to a few or extra feminine mollies.

Last Ideas

Did you take pleasure in our article about aggression in molly fish? Should you discovered the knowledge useful, please bear in mind to share the information with different hobbyists.

Mollies are sometimes peaceable, shoaling livebearers that make a pretty, lively show in a neighborhood aquarium. You would possibly see some shows of mildly aggressive habits in case you have too many males within the tank. Ideally, you need one male molly to a few or extra females.

That forestalls the females from being harassed and hassled an excessive amount of, and also you gained’t have the potential challenge of males changing into territorial and belligerent towards one another.

What number of mollies do you could have in your tank? What tank mates work greatest along with your molly fish? Inform us within the feedback field beneath!

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