Angelfish Kissing – Let’s Look at When and Why They Kiss!


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Angelfish are clever and intriguing fish with advanced habits and courtship rituals. If you happen to’ve seen your angelfish locking lips collectively, the probabilities are that it’s a female and male displaying that they’re making ready to spawn collectively.

However since locking lips may also be practiced by two males preventing each other for dominance, you have to know easy methods to inform which sort of ‘kissing’ it’s!

Right here I’ll clarify easy methods to perceive your angelfish’s courtship and aggressive habits and in addition share some prime tips about easy methods to arrange a breeding tank to your freshwater angelfish. Let’s go!

Angelfish Lip Locking Throughout Breeding

If you happen to’ve imagined that your angelfish kissing is a romantic gesture, you’re half proper! Kissing is a vital a part of an angelfish’s courtship ritual.

Locking lips between female and male angelfish is an indication that the feminine has accepted the advances of the male, and that the 2 will in all probability be able to spawn collectively quickly.

When locked right into a courtship kiss, you may additionally see the 2 fish pushing and pulling one another across the aquarium. That is in all probability an additional demonstration of energy – the male angelfish must show he actually is robust and wholesome sufficient to lift a brood with the feminine fish.

Angelfish Kissing as Aggression Between Males

Kissing in angelfish may also be an indication of aggression. Typically, male angelfish will lock lips with one another as they spar and try to ascertain a hierarchy.

That is particularly probably when there’s a blended group of angelfish, and men and women are jostling for potential mates. Since angelfish want to decide on their very own companions, many consultants advise getting a big group of a minimum of 6 younger angelfish to start with, in order that men and women can pair off naturally as they’d within the wild.

However to ascertain a hierarchy that may inform which companions they select, males have to show their energy. Lip-locking wrestling contests and aggressive lunges in direction of one another, subsequently, are a standard habits between males in angelfish faculties.

Is My Angelfish Male or Feminine?

If you happen to haven’t decided whether or not your angel fish are boys or women, you’ll want to search out out to know whether or not the kissing habits is a mating ritual or rivalry between males. Listed below are the very best methods to inform:

  • Grownup male Angelfish are typically somewhat bigger than feminine angels. In addition they are likely to have a extra round formed physique in comparison with the angular define of the feminine.
  • Mature males have a ‘nuchal hump’ – a raised hump on their brow, which is missing in females.
  • Mature men and women have variations of their seen genitalia. The male has a pointed, skinny breeding tube on their underside, whereas females have a extra rounded, blunt ovipositor tube as a substitute.
  • Males are typically extra aggressive than females and can battle with one another, and might also battle with feminine angelfish to try compelled mating.
  • Females are typically much less aggressive, besides at breeding time when they are going to behave fiercely in direction of undesirable males and in addition different fish that pose a menace to their eggs and younger (in the event that they develop into a superb mother or father!).

Different Indicators That Your Angelfish are Able to Breed

In addition to locking lips, there are another indicators to be careful for that signify that your angelfish may very well be spawning quickly.

  • The female and male can even exhibit affectionate habits in direction of one another, pecking flippantly at each other, flashing their fins, and spending most of their time with one another.
  • In addition to turning into extra aggressive, females will develop a bulge of their bellies.
  • The pair will finally select a spawning web site – ideally a reasonably vertical slate or piece of rock, and clear it collectively.

How To Arrange a Breeding Tank for Your Angelfish

If you happen to discover the above courtship habits in your angelfish and determine that you just wish to elevate child angelfish, you’ll have to arrange a specifically designated breeding tank for them.

  • Select a tank dimension of a minimum of 20 gallons. 30 gallons will give each adults (if included) and fry extra swimming house and so is extra preferable in my view.
  • Arrange a sponge filter and ensure the tank is well-cycled earlier than introducing fish.
  • Use a water testing package and set water parameters to between pH 6 – 6.9, and set your aquarium heater’s thermostat to 80-82°F.
  • Feed the mother and father on protein-rich balanced food regimen that features reside and frozen meals similar to bloodworms, black worms, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and mysis shrimp to encourage profitable spawning.
  • Separate Your Angelfish pair or Their Eggs. You’ll be able to both place your angelfish in a separate tank to spawn or await them to spawn in the primary tank after which transfer the slate, plant, or rock that they’ve laid their eggs on to the breeding tank.
  • In case your angels are excellent mother and father, they are often left within the breeding tank with their younger. More often than not, nonetheless, it’s greatest to take away them as soon as spawning is full in order that they don’t eat their very own eggs or fry after they’ve hatched.
  • Increase angelfish fry on ground-up flake meals or a specifically formulated infusoria. Maintain the tank clear with frequent partial water adjustments.

Do Angelfish Mate for Life?

Angelfish Kissing

Though feminine angelfish select a single companion to mate with, they received’t essentially stick with that companion for his or her total life. If different male angels enter the tank between mating seasons, the feminine would possibly determine to decide on one other companion if he seems to be stronger and extra dominant.

This may create a number of friction within the tank, because the male from the prevailing pair might try to battle off different males that pose a menace to his mating rights.

If the feminine rejects her previous companion, he might also develop into aggressive in direction of her, making an attempt to reinstate their partnership by pressure. This can usually result in fiercely defensive habits from her as she reasserts her freedom of alternative. Fairly advanced habits, proper?!

You’ll be able to in all probability see that introducing extra males after an angelfish partnership is established can create many issues, so except you want to interrupt the harmonious relationship of your angelfish, I wouldn’t advocate introducing extra males to a tank with a breeding pair.


Angelfish kissing is a captivating piece of habits that’s usually resulting from mating interplay. Typically lip-locking might be carried out by males jostling for a dominant place within the tank or to win the best to pair with a specific feminine.

In case your pair of angelfish are kissing and also you wish to elevate their younger, you’ll have to get a separate breeding tank for them. Click here to take a look at our information to the very best 30-gallon tanks that you should utilize for breeding them.

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