10 Undercover Investigations Exposing What Animals Endure


Since 2006, Animal Equality has investigated over 817 amenities—largely industrial farms and slaughterhouses—in 13 international locations.

Since 2006, Animal Equality has investigated over 817 amenities—largely industrial farms and slaughterhouses—in 13 international locations. Our investigators take important dangers to doc what’s occurring behind closed doorways, oftentimes going undercover and dealing at farms or slaughterhouses for weeks and even months. Investigative footage has helped us get justice for animals by authorized motion and legal fees for abusers, serving to enact new legal guidelines and pushing for business coverage modifications.

We consider shoppers have a proper to know the place their meals comes from to make extra compassionate and knowledgeable shopping for choices. That’s why we’ll cease at nothing to show the reality.

Listed here are just some investigations which have stood out over time.

Extreme Neglect at Nebraska Calf Ranch (United States)

In our first US investigation, stunning scenes of extended struggling and neglect had been dropped at gentle following our investigator’s time at Summit Calf Ranch in Nebraska, a facility housing 11,000 calves and owned by Tuls Dairy, a provider of Bel Manufacturers, producer of Babybel and The Laughing Cow cheese. Many calves froze to dying and endured repeated publicity to excessive temperatures leading to frozen limbs and the hoof separation from the leg of animals. Some calves died in agony. We turned over our proof to authorities and are urging legal fees in opposition to these concerned.

Moist Markets Uncovered (China, Vietnam, India)

Our investigators visited dwell animal markets in China, Vietnam, and India. They witnessed animals similar to deer, raccoons, crocodiles, cats, and canines residing in cramped, filthy circumstances, affected by dehydration, hunger, and illness.

The animals had been killed on the spot for patrons who wished recent meat. These markets are merciless and have been the supply of documented illness outbreaks, together with SARS, and researchers now consider that COVID-19 probably originated from a moist market. We’re urging the United Nations to view our vital footage and advocate banning all moist markets that promote animals.

Lambs Tormented in Unlawful Slaughterhouses (Mexico)

Animal Equality investigators in Mexico uncovered the torment and killings of lambs and sheep in yard pens and unregulated slaughterhouses. Totally-conscious lambs are tied up and decapitated, animals are killed in full view of one another, and injured animals are left to bleed to dying. Our group in Mexico is now working with lawmakers to criminalize these slaughterhouses and maintain those that run them accountable.

Gadhimai: The Largest Ritual Slaughter within the World (Nepal)

Our investigators used drone cameras to doc how 1000’s of buffaloes, goats, and pigeons had been mutilated and violently killed throughout the Gadhimai competition’s newest occasion in 2019. The Gadhimai Pageant hosts the world’s largest ritual animal slaughter and occurs each 5 years. Regardless of the Nepalese authorities declaring that ritual slaughter had been banned, the ban was not enforced, and the killings continued.

Animal Equality’s work and different animal safety organizations diminished the variety of animals killed by elevating consciousness—and thus public outcry—surrounding the occasion.

We labored with the Pink Cross to arrange a blood donation drive on the occasion in order that members might honor the deity by spilling their blood as a substitute of an animal’s blood.

The Killing of Tuna for Sushi (Italy)

Each Spring in Italy, bluefin tunas are caught in traps as they migrate to their breeding grounds. Our groundbreaking investigation, which utilized each underwater and above-water images, documented the horrific scene by which these giant animals are pushed to the water’s floor, harpooned, and stabbed as they thrash about and wrestle.

The investigation, which was featured partially within the documentary Cowspiracy, exhibits the cruel actuality of the plight of tunas, who aren’t protected by any humane slaughter legal guidelines or laws.

Turkeys Hatcheries, Farms, and Slaughterhouses Uncovered (Spain)

The footage captured by Animal Equality investigators in hatcheries, manufacturing unit farms, and slaughterhouses in Spain depicts the cruelties which might be the norm within the meat business in the US.

We documented that in turkey hatcheries, the birds that don’t meet the requirements required by the business are discarded alive together with the eggshells. They’re killed within the trash containers, crushed whereas nonetheless aware.

These coming into the business may have a part of their delicate beaks seared off and be compelled to dwell in confinement till they’re slaughtered.

Hens Confined in Cages for Eggs (United Kingdom)

An investigation by Animal Equality reveals scenes of extreme animal struggling on a Dorset farm supplying ‘Huge & Recent’ eggs stocked by main UK retailers.

Greater than 500,000 birds had been stored in metallic cages in windowless sheds. Our cameras documented that the caged hens had been solely checked-on as soon as in 4 days by farm workers, a transparent violation of welfare legal guidelines.

Months-Lengthy Investigation right into a Pig Farm (Italy)

In collaboration with the nation’s nationwide media outlet TG2, Animal Equality in Italy uncovered the circumstances in a manufacturing unit farm that raised pigs for meat. Regardless of the area’s animal welfare legal guidelines, the 1000’s of pigs residing on the farm had been compelled to endure stunning circumstances, together with:

  • decomposing and mummified our bodies of pigs current
  • a employee who killed a pig by throwing her or him in opposition to a wall
  • pigs compelled to dwell in cages so small that they may hardly transfer, leading to them being coated with wounds and bedsores.

Animal Equality in Brazil Paperwork the Meat Business’s Affect (Brazil)

After the devastating wildfires decimated the Amazon Rainforest within the Fall of 2019, Animal Equality Brazil despatched investigators to Northern Brazil to witness the elevated deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and its connection to animal agriculture. Elevating animals for meat is usually chargeable for the deforestation of rainforests and the degradation of different land.

The meat business deliberately units fires to have the ability to flip forests into pasturelands for cows or soy plantations to develop feed for animals raised for meals. Our footage exhibits that the devastation of the Amazon rainforest for animal agriculture is excessive and far-reaching.

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